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PAM Club: Cardozo's hot mix

A mainstay of Limbololo soundsystem, Cardozo also shines as a solo artist when it comes to getting the best out of an audience. A prolific producer on the rise, he enters the PAM Club as a DJ to take us on an electronic tour of Africa for a literally explosive session.

With one foot in Africa and the other in France, Marin (aka Cardozo) has been operating in Abidjan since 2020. There he shines as a producer on the Ivory Coast rap scene alongside local rappers such as Chinois l’Apocalypse, Oyoki Onanayo, Ken Gohan and Stelair, with whom he just  made the latest banger for the Blanc Manioc label. With beats geared for dancefloors, his music skirts between Afro-trap, kuduro and baile funk. Now Cardozo expands his scope to the Burkinabe and Nigerian hip hop scenes, also contributing to the huge “Momo,” by Aunty Razor. This sound engineer and arranger combines his twin senses for technique and party at the service of Blanc Manioc, the inescapable Portuguese house XXIII, and with Limbololo Soundsystem, the crew in which he works the turntables and regularly releases remixes. Despite a young career, the artist has already featured at coveted events and festivals, alongside the Maraboutage crew from Marseille, the Nyege Nyege team in Uganda and Africa Bass Culture in Ouagadougou. Cardozo is about to release an EPon which we’ll find uptempo interpretations of tracks by Damso, Naza, Meryl and Laylow. Watch this space!

“Here is a summary of my current influences, the kind of blend of styles and continents that I love to do as a DJ. I took the opportunity to slip some of my latest productions in, such as a collaboration with the “Naija Thugress” Aunty Rayzor, from Lagos, featuring Asna from Abidjan, and the latest from Oyoki Onanayo and Stelair who hail the same capital in the Anoumabo neighborhood. Fasten your seatbelts!”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Cardozo


1. Wizkid – Daddy Yo
2. Poirier – Jokma feat. Fwonte
3. Ape Drums & Silent Addy – Mek Money (feat. Projexx)
4. Kouslin – Mop Stick Ft. Warrior Queen
5. Kaval – Murmansk Sound System / Gwarn Riddim
6. Merca Bae – Morder
7. Didoo Smooth & Cardozo – Moutou
8. Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Nah
9. Lorenzo BITW – Giunone (Feat. FiloQ)
10. Aidonia – Dat Eazy
11. K1 De Ultimate – Adé Orí Òkin
12. Mina & Bryte – Cool Cool
13. Ami Yerewolo – I Bamba
14. Greg & King Doudou – Dembow Tronico
15. Dahlin Gage – Sorn Kpor
16. Aunty Rayzor x Asna x Cardozo – Décalement
17. Lazuli – Molo
18. Lua Preta – Panakanema
19. Feadz – Subiu, Desceu (feat. Mc Wes) (So Vital Remix)
20. Lua Preta – Simba
21. Bakey – Limit
22. Sk Simeon x Au Contraire – Kigunda (Golden Kong Remix)
23. DJ LEWI$ – Apoutchou (feat. Fior 2 Bior)
24. Toncali & Aka AFK – Hard
25. Serge Beynaud & Fior 2 Bior – Ewee
26. Oyoki Onanayo & Stelair – Souké Pou Siki (prod Cardozo)
27. Noire & Akito – Sink or Swim
28. Damso – Fais le Nine (Cardozo Baile Sauce)
29. DJ Chap – Drum 2
30. Leikeli73 – Zoom (Pura Pura Footwork Edit)
31. Kika Uma Vez – DJ RaMeMes
32. Hyroglifics & Sinistarr – BS6
33. Showbeck – Touch Your Knees (feat. DJ Cheng, Ezzy & Siyprettmf)
34. MoonDoctoR – Ponto
35. Sieta – Bala Bala Boyz

Check out Cardozo’s latest Blanc Manioc beat here, and follow him on Instagram.