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PAM Club: A Pan-Afrobeat mixtape from Mukambo
PAM Club: A Pan‑Afrobeat mixtape from Mukambo

Between two cutting-edge podcasts, DJ Mukambo takes to the PAM Club decks for a set that shows how the Afrobeat movement remains alive and kicking. It would be surprising if the Belgian capital did not […]

Seres Produções sees in Spring with livestream session!
Seres Produções sees in Spring with livestream session!

The kuduro and Afro-house Angolan label, led by DJ Satelite and Danykas DJ, celebrates the arrival of sunny days by announcing an afternoon of live streamed sets. Experience it with PAM. With no less than […]

PAM Club: Khalulu Gqom mix by Emo Kid
PAM Club : Khalulu Gqom mix par Emo Kid

Following Citizen Boy, it’s Emo Kid’s turn to represent the Gqom Oh! South African family at the PAM Club with a fiery mixtape that summarizes his Durban born-and-bred collaborations around gqom and sghubu. At just […]

PAM Club: Dariiofox, batida brotherhood
PAM Club: Dariiofox, batida brotherhood

The Portuguese artist presents productions made alongside his brother DJ Nervoso in a wild mix where kuduro and batida from the Lisbon ghettos lead the dance. Dariiofox, real name Dario Magalhaes, is a young London-based […]

Omaar shakes up Mexican club culture on new album
Omaar shakes up Mexican club culture on new album

The Mexican artist Omaar appropriates techno, dembow and gqom on the aptly named Drum Temple, a new album that confirms his uniqueness as a producer. Listen to the single, “Ritmo,” with PAM. NAAFI is definitely […]

YUNIS, synthetic traditions
YUNIS, synthetic traditions

With his new EP Mulid El-Magnuon, the Egyptian musician YUNIS relies on traditional wedding music and Mawlid festivities, reinterpreting them via a blend of Ney music and synthesizers. PAM finds out more.

PAM Club: organic hybridizations from Guedra Guedra كدرة كدرة
PAM Club: organic hybridizations from Guedra Guedra كدرة كدرة

For this new PAM Club episode, we welcome Guedra Guedra. The Moroccan DJ/producer shows his skills in an eclectic set recorded during lockdown, following the release of his latest EP Son of Sun. “I was […]

Montoya releases a revisited version Otun
Montoya releases a revisited version Otun

The Colombian artist has entrusted his third album to a team of eight producers for remixing duties. Listen to a preview of the album via a track featuring the Kenyan artist KMRU. Trained as a […]