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PAM Club: Cardozo’s hot mix
PAM Club: Cardozo's hot mix

A prolific producer on the rise, Cardozo enters the PAM Club as a DJ to take us on an electronic tour of Africa for a literally explosive session.

Alma Negra pays tribute to 80s zouk
Alma Negra pays tribute to 80s zouk

The Swiss trio continues its rhythmic journey through an exploration of zouk. Listen to the remix of “Zouk Combat” by Bosq below. References to Dakar, Cotonou, Eritrea and Reunion Island … Alma Negra’s driving force […]

Obeka, the balancing act from Bermuda
Obeka, the balancing act from Bermuda

Originally from Bermuda, Obeka mixes influences from his native archipelago with British sound system music on his new EP, Move Like So. Listen to “Duppy Drum” before anyone else on PAM. The Bermuda archipelago is […]

PAM Club: Poirier’s summer
PAM Club: Poirier's summer

Over two restless nights, the Canadian artist Poirier emerged from lockdown for a festival-flavoured PAM Club session with sweet, sweet flavors.

PAM Club: lessons of “Praktikadance”
PAM Club: lessons of "Praktikadance”

After an appearance on our radio show, Praktika gets in a dancefloor mood live from Lyon and stops by the PAM Club for a borderless set. A few weeks ago, Praktika had offered us a […]

PAM Club: Kaval, the prince of hard drum
PAM Club: Kaval, the prince of hard drum

This week it is the turn of Kaval, live from Toulouse, to bring his sound to the PAM Club, a resonant, percussive mix inhabited by the sound system spirit. Until then, Rémi Kaval’s only tool […]

PAM Club: professor Kensaye’s global bass
PAM Club: professor Kensaye’s global bass

For this instalment, the PAM Club welcomes a French-British artist with Haitian roots for an electronic set infused with Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

PAM Club: OMAAR’s euphoric cocktail
PAM Club: OMAAR's euphoric cocktail

The Mexican artist OMAAR blends the sound of the London streets with Afro-Latin influences in a vibrant PAM Club appointment, announcing the return of the series.