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Deejay Veiga, the new hope of Lisbon batida
Deejay Veiga, the new hope of Lisbon batida

Portuguese rookie Deejay Veiga releases Evolution pt.2, eight batida tracks that would hold their own against the masters of the genre. Listen to “Tudo é no Gueto” on PAM.

Adekunle Gold is having the time of his life
Adekunle Gold is having the time of his life

From his come-up with “Sade” to his pop era transition into the mainstream, Adekunle Gold has now made a name for himself as a top tier artist in Nigeria. We spoke to Adekunle about switching up his style, growing as a person, fatherhood, and his most recent music.

Pressing the reset button with drummer/beatmaker Myele Manzanza
Pressing the reset button with drummer/beatmaker Myele Manzanza

PAM spoke to the New Zealand born drummer now based in London about his early grounding in rhythm care of his Congolese father and making diversity his superpower.

Kid X: from ‘tsotsi for life’ to ‘father of zen’
Kid X: from 'tsotsi for life' to 'father of zen'

South African rapper Kid X, once a champion of hood anthems, returns with Father of Zen, a reflection on mindfulness and authenticity. PAM sat down with the artist to discuss his new project, written in-between solo trips, studio time and yoga sessions. 

Muzi’s Interblaktic, a Zulu Skywalker space odyssey
Muzi’s Interblaktic, a Zulu Skywalker space odyssey

We spoke with Muzi about his fourth album Interblaktic, a defiant merger of local South African genres and a new generation of space-age electronic full of love, romance, self empowerment, and intergalatic adventures.

MUTANT, the rainbow nation’s broken dream
MUTANT, the rainbow nation’s broken dream

In their new movie MUTANT, premiering October 1st, 8PM SAST and which will also appear as part of the Jozi Film Festival competition with a Q&A, directors Lebogang Rasethaba and Nthato Mokgata portray a volcanic figure of the South African rap scene: Isaac Mutant. Interview.

Ruger is switching things up
Ruger is switching things up

Ruger, the extravagant head of Nigeria’s new school talent talks about his social media come up, Afro Dancehall sound, and working with the prophetic D’Prince on his latest EP Pandemic.

Talking tapes with Onipa
Talking tapes with Onipa

PAM spoke to Onipa about cassette tapes, family, and higher purpose upon the release of their Tapes of Utopia remix album with guest appearances from the extended Onipa family.

To the source of Buena Vista Social Club
To the source of Buena Vista Social Club

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Buena Vista Social Club album. For the occasion, the label World Circuit is reissuing a remastered edition enhanced with previously unreleased tracks and alternative takes. Nick Gold, who produced the record, tells us its story.

Bella Shmurda is ready for bigger things
Bella Shmurda is ready for bigger things

The young Nigerian superstar breaks down his path from his education at Lagos State University to the slew of hit singles working up to his debut album, High Tension 2.0.

Rexxie, A True Champion of Nigerian street music
Rexxie, A True Champion of Nigerian street music

After years of being known only by his famous tag (“Yo Rexxie Pon Dis One!”), Nigeria’s super producer now has a 17-track album under his name. PAM met with Rexxie to speak about A True Champion and much more.