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Sipho the Gift breaks down his latest EP Bloom
Sipho the Gift breaks down his latest EP Bloom

South African rapper Sipho the Gift unveils his new EP Bloom, a jazzy 4 track project with a potent feel good production. For the occasion PAM met with Sipho to discuss his background, influences and […]

Yinoluu and the alternative frequencies of Nigeria
Yinoluu and the alternative frequencies of Nigeria

The producer/beatmaker who draws inspiration from photography, theatre, cinema and architecture, is at the forefront of a rebellious alternative scene that stretches across West Africa.

Zoë Modiga talks life and her new album Inganekwane
Zoë Modiga talks life and her upcoming album Inganekwane

We re-visit the award-nominated artist’s debut album, and examine how it links to her new body of work.

Ian Brennan, Ghana’s fly on the wall
Ian Brennan, Ghana's fly on the wall

The sixth edition of the impeccable Hidden Musics collection from label Glitterbeat, the fra fra funeral music of Ghana was recorded by American producer Ian Brennan. Interview.  Ian isn’t what you’d call a typical American. […]

Ostinato Records releases Djibouti’s Groupe RTD first ever album
Ostinato Records to release Djibouti’s Groupe RTD first ever album

Already proud to be able to wave essential compilations dedicated to Sudan, Somalia, Haiti or Cape Verde, Ostinato is now collaborating with the Groupe RTD to record the first ever international album to emerge from […]

Asher Gamedze, jazz in motion
Asher Gamedze, jazz in motion

South African drummer Asher Gamedze announces his debut album Dialectic Soul on the British label On the Corner, which is a string of quality releases. Discussion with this virtuoso of the sticks.

Shabaka Hutchings, one on one with PAM
Shabaka Hutchings, one on one with PAM

Confined in his London home, jazzman Shabaka Hutchings speaks about his new album, how he spends his days under quarantine and what he sees for the future.

The rising producer Kilamanzego offers futuristic African takes on bass music
The rising producer Kilamanzego offers futuristic African takes on bass music

Born in the Bronx from Ghanaian parents, Kilamanzego comes to the forefront of the scene with These Roots Are on Fire, a promising and incredibly stimulating first EP. PAM spoke with the artist to better understand her […]

Rogê & Seu Jorge, fellow sambists
Rogê & Seu Jorge, fellow sambists

The two accomplices engraved their reunion in wax. Without preparations or effects, they dedicate their old friendship to it, and confirm their immense talent as sambists. For PAM, Rogê comes back to this “direct to […]

Extra Soul Perception, augmented reality music
Extra Soul Perception, augmented reality music

Get together eight artists from a number of different countries and backgrounds for a week in Nairobi to create an album and a documentary – this was the ambitious gamble made and won by the […]

PsychoYP and Abuja trap
PsychoYP and Abuja trap

The Nigerian rapper from Abuja built his success away from Lagos, boasting a trap style of his own, drawing on afrobeats as well as American slang and sound. Interview Is Atlanta still the first city […]