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PAM Club: the Nile from the cosmos with Ozferti
PAM Club: the Nile from the cosmos with Ozferti

Masked musician Ozferti invites us to watch East Africa from the stars in an epic PAM Club mostly composed of unreleased productions.

PAM Club: Cardozo’s hot mix
PAM Club: Cardozo's hot mix

A prolific producer on the rise, Cardozo enters the PAM Club as a DJ to take us on an electronic tour of Africa for a literally explosive session.

PAM Club: Poirier’s summer
PAM Club: Poirier's summer

Over two restless nights, the Canadian artist Poirier emerged from lockdown for a festival-flavoured PAM Club session with sweet, sweet flavors.

PAM Club: lessons of “Praktikadance”
PAM Club: lessons of "Praktikadance”

After an appearance on our radio show, Praktika gets in a dancefloor mood live from Lyon and stops by the PAM Club for a borderless set. A few weeks ago, Praktika had offered us a […]

PAM Club: OMAAR’s euphoric cocktail
PAM Club: OMAAR's euphoric cocktail

The Mexican artist OMAAR blends the sound of the London streets with Afro-Latin influences in a vibrant PAM Club appointment, announcing the return of the series.

PAM Club: This Generation Cares by Wave Arising
PAM Club: This Generation Cares by Wave Arising

Journey to the heart of the Wave Arising project with the techno figure 69dB and the dancer Kynsie for a zero gravity sound that is off the beaten track, sitting somewhere between live act and DJ set.

From Gulu to Mexico City, Pambulo cooks up the beat
From Gulu to Mexico City, Pambulo cooks up the beat

The Mexican DJ and producer Pambulo has released Kabalagalaxy, a debut EP on the Mexican-Ugandan label Makabila Umoja, which deploys a danceable electronic mix built on sounds from both worlds. Read the interview and listen to an exclusive DJ set.

PAM Club: Cue and Play by DJ Pelco
PAM Club: Cue and Play by DJ Pelco

The PAM Club once again transforms itself into a gqom arena with a mix by South African DJ Pelco, an artist on the brink of releasing a new album. Get ready for the flames!

PAM Club: the pan-African radiance of Montparnasse Musique
PAM Club: the pan‑African radiance of Montparnasse Musique

To celebrate the release of their new single, “Sukuma,” the fairy-fingered duo Montparnasse Musique share their love for Africa in a distinctive electro-acoustic DJ set.

PAM Club: Beats and Rituals by Sunken Cages
PAM Club: Beats and Rituals by Sunken Cages

Here, the Indian-born New Yorker Sunken Cages delivers a complex, yet clean, episode of PAM Club in the spirit of his debut album that was released earlier this year on On The Corner Records.

PAM Club : Deconstructed rave by NOIA
PAM Club : Deconstructed rave by NOIA

This week at the PAM Club, we welcome Porto’s very own and XXIII record label co-founder and DJ, NOIA. Expect a thirty five minutes long set full of hard drums bangers, afro-electronic gems of rare […]