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PAM Club: DJ Doraemon and Lokowat are Bate1 Prod

In the wake of their EP Longa Espera, freshly signed to Club Yeke, Bate1 Prod offer us a set of individual and dual productions, at the crossroads of their respective universes.

DJ and producer with Cape Verdean roots, DJ Doraemon made a name for himself last summer with the Raízes EP on Basy Tropikalne, a Polish label that has believed in his talent from the outset. Alongside his solo releases, since 2018 he has teamed up with Lokowat, an enigmatic and singular figure on the Lisbon batida scene, who released the excellent Elementos album earlier this year. While it’s not uncommon to see their name on compilations or DJ sets by the most fervent representatives of the genre, up until now Bate1 Prod’s name has only benefited from underground releases on the fly, on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Led by Tash LC, Club Yeke dedicates its second release of the year to our two Portuguese friends. Longa Espera is a five-track EP lasting just 13 minutes, in other words, a true concentrate of the sound of urban Lisbon. A blend of batida, tarraxo, forro and kuduro synths, this EP – like this four-handed mix – takes us to the heart of the Portuguese capital’s electronic grooves, through the eyes of two discreet but essential DJs and producers.

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Bate1 Prod


Bate1 Prod – 1Copo
Bate1 Prod – Lambreta
Bate1 Prod – Wind
Lokowat – Chuva na A33
Lokowat – Lugar Vago
Lokowat – UP UP
Lokowat – Concert de percucion
Bate1 Prod – RB CRAZY
Dj Doraemon – K.I.K.I
Dj Doraemon – Lokowat (unreleased)
Dj Doraemon – Uma Noite no Musicbox
Dj Doraemon – Hora do Relógio
Dj Doraemon – HOT DOG ||
Dj Doraemon – Quero te Dar (unreleased)
Bate1 Prod – Tibalizado
Lokowat – Ritmo y Baila
Dj Doraemon – Union World
Lokowat – Paradoxo
Lokowat – Vento do Leste
Dj Doraemon – Tá fraquinho (unreleased)
Dj Doraemon ft. Ninja – Di Zona
Dj Doraemon – Na Roda
Lokowat – Soft World

Follow Bate1 Prod on Soundcloud.