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”F#@K Tha Police” and other lessons from hip-hop on police brutality
”F#@K Tha Police” and other lessons from hip‑hop on police brutality

In the wake of the unjust murder of George Floyd, we look at hip-hop’s power of social commentary and political change regarding police brutality towards African Americans. The most recent killing of George Floyd on May […]

Darkovibes : Ghana is the new cool
Darkovibes : Ghana is the new cool

Initiator of the Ghanian alternative movement and member of La Même Gang, Darkovibes joins forces with the who’s who of Accra and abroad for his new LP “Kpanlogo”.

Singeli: The future sound of Tanzania in becoming a source of national pride
Singeli: The future sound of Tanzania in becoming a source of national pride

Little was known until recently of the futuristic sound emerging from the ghettos of Dar es-Salaam, which now is exporting itself to dance floors across the globe. Ten years on from its conception, singeli has […]

Nduduzo Makhathini: back to the underworld
Nduduzo Makhathini: back to the underworld

Musician, improviser, healer, and academic Nduduzo Makhathini’s freshly-inked deal with the America-based Blue Note Records label heralds a new phase in the quest for the current wave of South African jazz musicians’ global conquest. We […]

BBE revives legendary Tabansi Records
BBE revives legendary Tabansi Records

British label BBE has embarked upon a titanic mission to reissue part of the Nigerian label Tabansi’s back catalogue. PAM met with journalist John Armstrong and the label’s boss, Joe Tabansi, to piece together this […]

‘One Dance’ and its impact on Wizkid’s career
'One Dance' and its impact on Wizkid's career

Four years ago, Wizkid assists Drake on his biggest song ever. PAM evaluates its significance in the Nigerian superstar’s career since then. In May 2018, and then October 2019, Wizkid sold out the O2 Arena, becoming […]

M.anifest: a rap jewel made in Ghana
M.anifest: a rap jewel made in Ghana

The Ghanaian rapper unveiled his latest EP The Gamble last November. The visuals of the title track were released last week and perfectly captures the effervescent soul of the Ghanaian capital: motorbike rides, dancing everywhere, […]

Sandy B projects style with ‘Qhum Qhaks’ video
Sandy B projects style with 'Qhum Qhaks' video

Bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘shaken not stirred’, Sandy B shakes up a storm in this video for his latest single Qhum Qhaks. Kwaito star Sandy B has been at the forefront of South […]

Extra Soul Perception, augmented reality music
Extra Soul Perception, augmented reality music

Get together eight artists from a number of different countries and backgrounds for a week in Nairobi to create an album and a documentary – this was the ambitious gamble made and won by the […]

Assurance: a conversation about female DJs in Nigeria
Assurance: a conversation about female DJs in Nigeria

PAM sits down with Juba, DJ and documentarian of “Assurance” diving into the plights and lives of female DJs in Nigeria. Nigeria’s musical influence has been growing steadily throughout the decade and in places like […]

Transmusicales: an entranced festival experience
Transmusicales: an entranced festival experience

At the Transmusicales festival, “trance” is not just a word in its name. PAM accompanied artists at the festival whose music is closely linked to a phenomenon ethnomusicologist Gilbert Rouget dedicated a reference book to, […]