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The Pan African Music Magazine
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About us

Founded in 2017 as part of IDOL, a digital distributor for independent music, PAM – Pan African Music is an online music magazine, available in both French and English, dedicated to promoting music from the African continent and diaspora.

PAM’s mission is twofold: to bring you the latest trends through an extraordinary new generation of talented musicians and to maintain a platform with a unique expertise in the history and development of Africa’s musical heritage. 

An international network of multi-disciplinary journalists throughout Africa and Europe have created a digital space for bilingual long form content combining the relevance of traditional reporting with the focused depth of documentaries, earning the respect and collaboration of many of our favorite artists. 

PAM continues to grow, developing plans for a series of musical gatherings and partnering with festivals that share our values and provide creative ways to expand our mission. 

A young, independent media, PAM is committed to taking the deep dive into this rich and abundant music scene and sharing that experience with our readers. 

PAM is an online press recognised by the joint commission of publications and press agencies in France (CPPAP).


IDOL Media
100 rue de la Folie Méricourt
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Please do not write to us at this address. All requests are processed by email.

General information: info@pan-african-music.com

Suggestions for stories or collaborations: contact@pan-african-music.com

Meet our team

Pascal Bittard
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Julien Kourbatoff
Publication Director
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Vladimir Cagnolari
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Mehdy Kadded
Social Media Manager
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Thibaut Mullings
Head of Operations Africa
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Binda Ngazolo
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Chayma Mehenna
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Christian Askin
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Emmanuel Esomnofu
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Elodie Maillot
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François Renoncourt
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Hortense Volle
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Jacques Denis
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Jeanne Lacaille
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Julien Le Gros
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Kerwin Mayizo
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Narjes Bahhar
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Nils Bourdin
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Numeriq Media
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Théophile Pillault
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Tseliso Monaheng
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