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The flute, Africas’ breath of life
The flute, Africas' breath of life

Whatever its shape, the flute stands firmly rooted in most African music. This is an insight into the role of the instrument, with a focus on the musicians who made it famous and those who place it in the spotlight today.

The Cranes: Idi Amin Dada’s favorite boy band
The Cranes: Idi Amin Dada's favorite boy band

Considered by many as the godfathers of modern music in Uganda, The Cranes reunited after a 44-year hiatus for a history-making concert at the Nyege Nyege Festival. PAM revisits the band’s musical fortunes, closely tied with the nation’s political history – for better or for worse.

Moussolou, the album that unearthed the Malian diva Oumou Sangaré
Moussolou, the album that unearthed the Malian diva Oumou Sangaré

When it comes to African classics, Oumou Sangaré’s debut album Moussolou, stands far out from the rest. She presents herself on the album as the same rebellious and troublemaking diva we know today, singing about the plight of women.

Lafawndah, the day after the world ends
Lafawndah, the day after the world ends

With “You, At The End”, Lafawndah is back – a high priestess on the brink of a new world. From London, the artist has announced the release of The Fifth Season, a second album expected on 8th September. Let’s meet.

Bab L’Bluz, or Gnawa’s eternal voyage
Bab L’Bluz, or Gnawa’s eternal voyage

With their debut album, Nayda, the band Bab L’Bluz mix the rhythms of Gnawa trance with rock and curling incense. Both poetic and powerful.

In Kenya, Papillon is concerned for the country’s traditions
In Kenya, Papillon is concerned for the country’s traditions

The Kenyan singer, multi-instrumentalist, and luthier, Papillon, takes flight with “Maisha Ya Babu” a call to return to our roots. In Kenya, Martin Murimi, alias Papillon, worries that traditions are gradually disappearing. The question is […]

In London, Afriquoi bets on live energy for his new EP
In London, Afriquoi bets on live energy for his new EP

Since 2011, the London sextet Afriquoi celebrates what cosmopolitanism has to offer to those who appreciate it with a galvanizing afro-fusion, focusing on Congolese guitar (“Papa” Fiston Lusambo), Gambian kora (Jally Kebba Susso), percussions (André […]

Stonebwoy, diamond dancehall made in Ghana
Stonebwoy, diamond dancehall made in Ghana

The Ghanaian singer continues his popular ascent with Anloga Junction, a star studded album riding the inspired waves of The Black Atlantic without forgetting Stonebwoy’s hometown of Anloga.