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Xhosa Cole takes five
Xhosa Cole takes five

In conversation with Xhosa Cole on the Pan-African nature of jazz, the importance of looking back to move forward, and the capacity for activism and rejoice through music.

Carnival, a bastion of Brazilian resistance
Carnival, a bastion of Brazilian resistance

An expression of social and political life, the Carnival is also a liminal space of transgression, offering a celebratory freedom of expression synonymous with challenging the powers that be.

Wau Wau Collective: An unclassifiable union
Wau Wau Collective: An unclassifiable union

The outcome of an encounter between the Swedish musician-producer Karl Jonas Winqvist and musicians from the Toubab Dialaw village in Senegal, this collective recording, which evolved through jam sessions and WhatsApp exchanges, represents a strange vessel that traverses the Mediterranean soundscape. Read PAM’s full interview.

It’s Kamo Mphela’s time in South Africa
It’s Kamo Mphela’s time in South Africa

Kamo Mphela has just released her second EP “Nkulunkulu”, starting with a prayer and ending with a party. PAM speaks with the rising superstar about her come up and breaking from the box of the Dance Music Queen.

The best Nigerian songs of 2021 so far
List / Guide
The best Nigerian songs of 2021 so far

After a rocky 2020 that witnessed a pandemic and national protests against police violence, Nigerian artists are hitting 2021 with a newfound force. Here is our selection of the best Nigerian music of 2021 so far.

Ballaké Sissoko, the one and the many – the world’s kora player
Ballaké Sissoko, the one and the many – the world’s kora player

The master of the kora has released a new album, Djourou, wherein which he beautifully demonstrates his art of musical conversation. From Oxmo Puccino to Camille and Salif Keita, Djourou tastefully brings together a myriad of artists, centred on the kora. PAM interviews the artist.

YUNIS, synthetic traditions
YUNIS, synthetic traditions

With his new EP Mulid El-Magnuon, the Egyptian musician YUNIS relies on traditional wedding music and Mawlid festivities, reinterpreting them via a blend of Ney music and synthesizers. PAM finds out more.

And it’s farewell Nkrumah…
And it’s farewell Nkrumah...

In the mid-1960s the father of an independent Ghana was becoming increasingly authoritarian and discontentment was growing, particularly amongst the military. Ghana was entering a period of uncertainty.

20 unmissable music videos this month
Liste / Guide
20 unmissable music videos this month

Whether declarations of love or mournful tributes, calls for celebration or sharp social critique, these are PAM’s unmissable videos for March.

Don’t get too comfortable with Simi
Don’t get too comfortable with Simi

The unrelenting Nigerian afropop singer breaks down her career thus far, her acclaimed Restless series, and the trials of being a mother and musician in a time of crisis.

Rap: 10 tracks and a tour of Africa
Liste / Guide
Rap: 10 tracks and a tour of Africa

From Ghana to Mali to the Ivory Coast to Kenya through Morocco, PAM offers a selection of ten tracks that shook the African rap planet during the first quarter of 2021.