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Pounda’s abstract explorations
Pounda's abstract explorations

One half of the Vudufa duo, Pounda continues his solo adventure with AbsTract, a new EP delivering textured hip-hop instrumentals, which have contributed to the rise of a still discreet Peruvian scene. Interview and guest mix.

DJ Doowap’s Earbuds: a listen into a tastemaker’s top tracks
DJ Doowap’s Earbuds: a listen into a tastemaker’s top tracks

DJ Doowap introduces us to her favorite African hits and amapiano cuts bumping in her headphones straight off her Money Badoo, afro-amapiano experiment collab on “Déjà Vu”.

Zimbabwe: artists to follow in 2021
List / Guide
Zimbabwe: artists to follow in 2021

Discover the artists making waves in the Zimbabwe music scene, coming into their own from a past of urban grooves to a new generation of Zim-dancehall, Zim-hip hop and all forms of Zim-music.

TRESOR’s Motion, moving between spaces
TRESOR’s Motion, moving between spaces

Fresh off of collaborations with Drake and Metallica, the Congolese-born South African-based pop singer has released his fifth album, a turning point in his striking career. PAM had a chat with the “African Pop Maverick”.

Deejay Veiga, the new hope of Lisbon batida
Deejay Veiga, the new hope of Lisbon batida

Portuguese rookie Deejay Veiga releases Evolution pt.2, eight batida tracks that would hold their own against the masters of the genre. Listen to “Tudo é no Gueto” on PAM.

The latest on Nigeria’s EndSARS movement
The latest on Nigeria’s EndSARS movement

The most recent update on the status and development of #EndSARS and the pursuit of police reformation in Nigeria.

Buruklyn Boyz put Kenyan drill on the map
Buruklyn Boyz put Kenyan drill on the map

Hailing from Buruburu estate, the Buruklyn Boyz talk about breaking standards, getting the bag, and becoming Kenya’s drill superstars.

PAM Gallery: Lisolomzi Pikoli, allegory of movement
PAM Gallery: Lisolomzi Pikoli, allegory of movement

From Pretoria’s facades to international residences, Lisolomzi Pikoli aka Mr Slipperz’s brushstrokes have ended up serving musicians attracted by his singular expression of movement.

Gilberto Gil: African Renaissance
Gilberto Gil: African Renaissance

For the artist from Salvador de Bahia, the ties to Africa have always been one of the driving forces behind his creative process and his political commitment. Gilberto Gil’s four–date tour of France is the occasion for PAM to focus on this fruitful long-term relationship.

The women of amapiano
The women of amapiano

Revered for their attention to detail, unshakable poise and perseverance behind the mic, we introduce a full slate of amapiano’s private school icons and new school torch bearers who have DJed, produced, rapped and sang their way into unabashed prominence.

The best Nigerian songs of 2021 so far (3rd quarter)
List / Guide
The best Nigerian songs of 2021 so far (3rd quarter)

Here is the latest Naija music of the third quarter of 2021.