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Mr Eazi launches $20 Million African Music Fund
Mr Eazi launches $20 Million African Music Fund

Nigerian superstar Mr Eazi launches AMF in partnership with emPawa to finance established and up-and-coming creatives of Africa. As music industry giants continue to plant seeds on the African continent, Mr Eazi is taking steps […]

Pop Smoke hosts Davido and Burna Boy on posthumous deluxe
Pop Smoke hosts Davido and Burna Boy on posthumous deluxe

Pop Smoke’s posthumous deluxe, released on his 21st birthday, includes Nigerian superstars DaVido and Burna Boy, for a bittersweet international collaboration.

Leo PaLayeng, memories of an elephant
Leo PaLayeng, memories of an elephant

Ugandan producer and musician Leo PaLayeng has been electrifying the music of the Acholi people for 20 years now. PAM sat down with one of the precursors of the Acholitronix movement about his new album […]

DJ Cuppy breaks down Africa Now
DJ Cuppy breaks down Africa Now

Nigeria’s foremost female DJ talks to PAM about her partnership with Apple Music as host and DJ of the recently launched Africa Now program, bringing Africa’s best and brightest to the world. The formidable DJ […]

Crazy Jazzmen of Africa: BYG and the 1969 Pan-African music festival in Algeria
Crazy Jazzmen of Africa: BYG and the 1969 Pan‑African music festival in Algeria

Episode 3: BYG Records, an adventurous label, released a series of albums in the autumn of 1969 which became legendary when they invited the cream of American free jazz back from the Pan-African Festival in […]

Beating Heart, back to the future
Focus label
Beating Heart, back to the future

Tracey accumulated 35,000 recordings from the 1920s to the 1970s which were recorded in 18 different countries and across 250 ethnic groups. Chris Pedley and Oliver Moira helped local contemporary producers tap into this incredible […]

Zara McFarlane regains consciousness in Jamaica
Zara McFarlane regains consciousness in Jamaica

The London-born singer’s new album, Songs of an Unknown Tongue, is the outcome of a journey back into her ancestral homeland of Jamaica, where she regained her roots, confirming her dazzling career on her fourth […]

From Franck Descollonges’ record collection
Liste / Guide
From Franck Descollonges’ record collection

This summer the boss of the label Heavenly Sweetness shares with us some of the treasures of his record collection. Read and listen with abandon! Today, the Brazilian Marcos Valle. Hello all, I’m delighted to […]

African rap: 6 months and 20 music videos
Liste / Guide
African rap: 6 months and 20 music videos

We picked out some of our favourite music videos from the first half of 2020.

The planets have aligned for Foreigner and the Moonshine collective
The planets have aligned for Foreigner and the Moonshine collective

In L.A. and Montreal, events organised by Foreigner and the Moonshine collective are a concentration of African-Caribbean cultural celebration.

Asapolis and his journey of “musical and cultural richness”
Asapolis and his journey of "musical and cultural richness"

The young and talented Asapolis, based in Nigeria, grew up in an environment where music had a predominant place in his everyday life. Strongly influenced by the Congolese rumba, Asapolis answered a few questions for […]