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PAM Meets Joshua Baraka

From rooftops and studios to the streets of Kampala, PAM met with rising Ugandan pop star Joshua Baraka to learn about the artist behind the hits. Directed by Marion Desmaret.

In Uganda’s capital city, PAM met with rising pop star Joshua Baraka for an intimate vision of the singer’s outlook on life. Filmed during the shoot for an acoustic rendition of “NANA”, the short documentary explores Joshua’s challenging upbringing and how music became an escape, later nurtured into a talent. A professional pianist by trade, Baraka is now charting in Uganda with singles “NANA” & “Belinda”. Using his falsetto voice and preference for smooth melodies, Baraka is optimistic that his music, and the music of his native Uganda, is ready to reach new heights.

This all after the release of Joshua Baraka’s latest EP, Growing Pains, featuring a pan-African selection of hitmakers like Ghana’s original asakaa driller Yaw Tog, Nigerian Afro-fusion player Magixx, and the young legend Joeboy. The seven tracks, including a “NANA” remix, brings Joshua’s choir vocals and crooner-fusion to the next level. “I love to create worlds,” Joshua says during the interview. Still early in his career and representing a scene often overlooked, Joshua is putting the pieces together for a new world of Ugandan music ready to burst. “It’s going to be a very interesting time for Ugandan music!” Joshua proclaims.

Follow Joshua through the streets of Kampala, for a dance session on the rooftop, or behind the scenes for his music video, on this latest PAM Meets.

Listen to Joshua Baraka‘s new EP Growing Pains out now.