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Sankara in song, a memoriam
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Sankara in song, a memoriam

On October 11th, in Ouagadougou, the trial for the assasination of the man who baptised his country with the name Burkina Faso, opens. His name was Thomas Sankara, and his example, which continues to inspire new generations, has also inspired a number of songs.

To the source of Buena Vista Social Club
To the source of Buena Vista Social Club

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Buena Vista Social Club album. For the occasion, the label World Circuit is reissuing a remastered edition enhanced with previously unreleased tracks and alternative takes. Nick Gold, who produced the record, tells us its story.

Farewell Bebey, your children salute you #1: Kidi Bebey
Farewell Bebey, your children salute you #1: Kidi Bebey

This week, 3 of his children remember him with a song or an album. Kidi, a writer and a journalist, starts the serie and speaks of Francis the Free. Can you hear it?

Cheryl Ann Bolden’s personal soundtrack
Cheryl Ann Bolden’s personal soundtrack

In her quest for memories, Cheryl Ann Bolden has never forgotten the music that accompanied her throughout her journey. This is her mantra playlist, songs that have been central to her story. The Keeper is a documentary that focuses on her as an artist, available to watch here.

Mariette Auvray talks to us about her film The Keeper
Mariette Auvray talks to us about her film The Keeper

The French director has made a new film The Keeper, a portrait of the artist and curator Cheryl Ann Bolden, who uses objects to free both words and memories. The film will be available on PAM’s YouTube channel.

The Rumba Kings: Film gets world premier at DOXA festival
The Rumba Kings: Film gets world premier at DOXA festival

Two years after PAM told you about The Rumba Kings the film is finally being released. The DOXA festival in Vancouver has selected the film and will screen it on 6th May.

Cheryl Ann Bolden: introducing The Keeper
Cheryl Ann Bolden: introducing The Keeper

On 7th May, PAM will be releasing the documentary The Keeper directed by Mariette Auvray. The film focuses on the artist Cheryl Ann Bolden, whose travelling museum connects people to Black history. PAM met her in Paris.

And it’s farewell Nkrumah…
And it’s farewell Nkrumah...

In the mid-1960s the father of an independent Ghana was becoming increasingly authoritarian and discontentment was growing, particularly amongst the military. Ghana was entering a period of uncertainty.