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Wau Wau Collective: An unclassifiable union
Wau Wau Collective: An unclassifiable union

The outcome of an encounter between the Swedish musician-producer Karl Jonas Winqvist and musicians from the Toubab Dialaw village in Senegal, this collective recording, which evolved through jam sessions and WhatsApp exchanges, represents a strange vessel that traverses the Mediterranean soundscape. Read PAM’s full interview.

“Young Gifted and Black”: nothing could stop Aretha
“Young Gifted and Black”: nothing could stop Aretha

Nina Simone’s song became Aretha Franklin’s hit. It’s many covers attest to how much it has spoken and continues to speak to black artists from the US and elsewhere.

Roots: Curtis Mayfield, a dedicated soul
Roots: Curtis Mayfield, a dedicated soul

During Black History Month, PAM looks back at landmark works of American black music that are enmeshed in the country’s history. Today, the album Roots, Curtis Mayfield’s fine tuning of his allegiance to Black Power.

Amha Eshèté, the exile and the return to native land
Amha Eshèté, the exile and the return to native land

The second and final part of our long-form interview with Amha Eshèté, founder of Amha Records. Ethiopia’s very first independent label recorded the most beautiful sonic era of Swinging Addis.

Amha Eshèté, the dreamer who cut the grooves of Ethiopia’s golden sounds onto wax
Amha Eshèté, the dreamer who cut the grooves of Ethiopia’s golden sounds onto wax

Amha Eshèté was Ethiopia’s first independent record producer. It is to him that we owe the first recordings (and the following two hundred) of the golden age of Ethiopian music, later resurrected by the famous Éthiopiques series. He confesses it all to PAM in full detail (Part one).

Arkestra, Sun Ra’s whirlwind is still here
Arkestra, Sun Ra's whirlwind is still here

The orchestra founded by Sun Ra is releasing a new album, Swirling, which perpetuates the brilliant creativity of the free Pharaoh. Patriarch Marshall Allen and his friend Knoel Scott share this vibrant and persistent legacy with PAM.

Crazy Jazzmen of Africa: BYG and the 1969 Pan-African music festival in Algeria
Crazy Jazzmen of Africa: BYG and the 1969 Pan‑African music festival in Algeria

Episode 3: BYG Records, an adventurous label, released a series of albums in the autumn of 1969 which became legendary when they invited the cream of American free jazz back from the Pan-African Festival in […]

Zara McFarlane regains consciousness in Jamaica
Zara McFarlane regains consciousness in Jamaica

The London-born singer’s new album, Songs of an Unknown Tongue, is the outcome of a journey back into her ancestral homeland of Jamaica, where she regained her roots, confirming her dazzling career on her fourth […]