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PAM Club: under the ocean with Avneesh

As a member of the Babani collective, Avneesh goes solo for a PAM Club with complex rhythms that give a summary of his main sources of current inspiration.

The term “Babani” echoes the trance-like state sought during a ceremony invoking ancestral spirits. The common denominators of these multi-generational gatherings are the rhythms of the Indian Ocean, aided by the ravane, a goatskin percussion instrument with roots in Mauritius. It was on this basis that Avneesh founded the eponymous collective, later developing it into a label and sound system. Comprising musicians and producers from Mauritius and elsewhere, the Babani Soundsystem blends traditional sounds from the Indian Ocean with electronic music, as on their emblematic track “Zistwar Fer Per”. Still with Mauritius at its epicenter, the label’s aim is to pass on the cultural heritage of the Indian Ocean islands in various forms, such as art, photography, stories of the past, and of course the restoration of music. As such, the label bridges the gap between past and present, offering valuable reissues of Lélou, Ti l’Afrique or Malaaz, while keeping an eye on the electronic avant-garde, with Reunion’s Insula, Mauritian’s Kan or Holland’s Jo Bissa. Acting as a gathering place for these various projects, Avneesh also leads the electrocaïne collective – recently renamed ë – which promotes art and music through podcasts, events, sound and visual installations. Also a graphic designer and VJ, Avneesh dons his DJ hat here to deliver an exclusive mix that captures the rhythms of the world.

“This mix reflects my current musical state of mind. I’m motivated by groove and rhythm. Since I recently got involved with Babani, I’ve been immersed in 6/8 – ternary rhythms. Since then, I’ve been drawn to this style of music from all over the world. This mix represents that sound with music from various parts of the world, from Peru, Portugal, Mexico, Morocco, Argentina and more. The interesting thing is that even though these places are far apart, the rhythms have many similarities and dialogue with each other. It’s like one big global sound family. Of course, the whole thing is enhanced by a few unreleased editions, future releases and nuggets I’ve discovered while digging around and looking for inspiration for Babani Records and our band, Babani Soundsystem.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Avneesh


Howie Lee – 鸟岛
Vitu Valera, Opoku, Sean Lewis, HNKT – MIAO
Loya – Kozé
Capiuz – Hand On Hand
GЯEG – Unreleased
DJ Doraemon – Crânio [electrocaïne]
Woréka – Send me Off To Eat
Sonia Calico – Ready to Launch
KasbaH – Gaboussi
Ammar 808 feat. Belhassen Mihoub – Arbia
Raz & Afla – Nabi Kumi (Sega Klub Edit)
Ignacio La Conga – Abran Cancha
BoogzBrown – Unreleased
Alai K – Ishakua tabu
EL PLVYBXY – Transpiro Escupo
Unknown artist – That Ternary Housey Footwork Track
jaijiu x nafftero x fffffff – PA’CÁ
Dj Khalab – Father and Grandpa (Maloya Klub Edit)
GЯEG – Unreleased
Woréka – Unreleased
Mutable Mercury – Lost In Chaos
Babani Soundsystem – LÉLOU (Vitu Valera’s Remix)

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