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PAM Club : Palmer, the downtempo Brazil
PAM Club : Palmer, the downtempo Brazil

The Brazilian label Tropical Twista has just celebrated its sixth anniversary. The chance to welcome its owner Raphael Palmer into the PAM Club, with a downtempo and progressive mix. Last summer, the Tropical Twista label […]

PAM Club: Parzubanil, Afro-Peruvian electronic avant-garde player
PAM Club: Parzubanil, Afro‑Peruvian electronic avant‑garde player

PAM Club: Founder of Sacrilejio records, young Peruvian producer Parzubanil joins the experimental afrolatinx movement with a look at the future of a genre in full growth.

PAM Club: Teno Afrika’s amapiano picks
PAM Club: Teno Afrika's amapiano picks

On the road to take on the world, young DJ and producer Teno Afrika adds his name to the PAM Club hall of fame with a refined amapiano set. A must listen.

PAM Club : Raves, Feelings and Spirits from 1000HZ Republic by Piotr Dang
PAM Club : Raves, Feelings and Spirits from 1000HZ Republic par Piotr Dang

Since 2016, Polish label 1000HZ has been bringing us experimental sounds from Malawi and Tanzania. Its co-founder Piotr Dang encapsulates its essence in a futuristic three-act PAM Club. Miles away from the stereotypical definition of […]

PAM Club: BJF’s 360° global bass
PAM Club: BJF's 360° global bass

This week at the PAM Club, French DJ and producer BJF offers his intercontinental vision of bass music via a hybrid set injected with the kind of percussion that is barely legal.

PAM Club: the Nile from the cosmos with Ozferti
PAM Club: the Nile from the cosmos with Ozferti

Masked musician Ozferti invites us to watch East Africa from the stars in an epic PAM Club mostly composed of unreleased productions.

PAM Club: Cardozo’s hot mix
PAM Club: Cardozo's hot mix

A prolific producer on the rise, Cardozo enters the PAM Club as a DJ to take us on an electronic tour of Africa for a literally explosive session.

PAM Club: lessons of “Praktikadance”
PAM Club: lessons of "Praktikadance”

After an appearance on our radio show, Praktika gets in a dancefloor mood live from Lyon and stops by the PAM Club for a borderless set. A few weeks ago, Praktika had offered us a […]