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PAM Club: Zhar presents Abarchan
Photos : Shobee

PAM Club: Zhar presents Abarchan

In eastern France, Zhar shakes up Strasbourg with her fusion of electronic DJ sets featuring North African percussion. A stopover in the PAM Club, with an uncompromising set.

With Berber roots in the Moroccan Rif, Zhar is a committed DJ from Strasbourg who has made a name for herself with her cutting-edge, unconventional sets and strong identity. Largely influenced by hip-hop and breakdance, she seeks the connection between the dancer and the music she plays, finding a balance between groove and experimentation. With a soft spot for Amazigh percussion, she creates atmospheres and fusions that she regularly transcribes live at venues such as Kalt Club, Péniche Mécanique and Kulture, two of Strasbourg’s leading venues for those interested in discovering the electronic music of today and tomorrow. In a nod to Mashreq and Maghreb, she showcases this freedom of musical expression in her Solar Eclipse program, broadcast on Radio Flouka every second Tuesday of the month. Today, she tells her story in music for PAM, with a powerful, no-nonsense set of techno, breakbeat and avant-garde Arab music.

“I thought of this set as an ode to the resilience of the African people and the MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) region in general. Abarchan is my father’s name and means ‘the color black’ in Berber.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Zhar


Mafou – Evom
Zaatar – Abiad al Layali (part II)
Sama’ Abdulhadi & Wallaa Sbait – Well Fee
TSVI – Assam’s Children
Kombe – Batian
Coco Em – Amsini Gong
Guedra Guedra – Aura
Hassan Abou Alam – Breathe
Bint il Sham – Ishtar
ZULI – Bussra
Arabian Panther – Gaza’s Tears
AnyoneID – Glass Perc (Tim Karbon Remix)
Le Motel – Piga Makofi (feat. Nah Eeto)
Zaid Kreshan – Shadeed

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