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PAM Club: Tatyana Jane's neo‑Cameroonian club music

Hot on the heels of the release of her debut EP Clavaria Formosa, Cameroonian DJ and producer Tatyana Jane takes to the PAM Club with a delicately edgy set.

Born in Douala, Cameroon, Tatyana Jane grew up in the south of France, but remains firmly attached to her roots. Influenced by the traditional music that enlivens family ceremonies, or by the sound of religious events, it was on this cultural foundation that she launched herself as a DJ and producer, while letting her ears linger in the clubs. “Club Culture” is the title of her first single released by Boukan Records, a successful first attempt at fusing broken beat and Bend-skin, the popular Cameroonian rhythm of the 90s. Tatyana has just released her debut EP Clavaria Formosa, exploring the sounds that shaped her childhood through the prism of today’s electronic music. After the mystical intro “Rumblin”, she adds an organic breath to the EP by inviting Cameroonian drummer Haoussa on “Sagatte”, before giving a nod to the ballroom scene and voguing culture on “Lab”. It’s in the midst of this crossroads between rave party and spiritual rite that Tatyana Jane sends us this exclusive mix!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Tatyana Jane


Simo Cell – Behind the Waterfall
Sylvere – Pulsar
Lechuga Zafiro – Sudor En Vapor
Tatyana Jane – Club Culture
Overmono – BMW Track
El Irreal Veintiuno – Maaaaaasev
SassyGgirl – Gotikeo (Wachita China R)
LUCKER – Cloud Sniff
Club Cab – Rod’s Harmony
Fluid Matter – Glowworms (Solma Remix)
Rambling Outset (Master)
Soldal & Circuit 90 – Oh (Slick Shoota Remix)
Mars Kasei – Peak
Lucid – Dont Wait Up
Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE. (Skrillex Remix)
Lil Uzi Vert – Just Wanna Rock
Wormfinger – Bootypoppaz
WRACK – Distool
Anz – Last Before Lights
NORA – Rave Rhythm

The Cavaria Formosa EP is available via Boukan Records.

Follow Tatyana Jane on Instagram.