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PAM Club: DJ IC, London's afro‑house craftsman

With two decades of experience on the UK music scene, DJ IC shares his love for Afro-house and Afro-tech in a set that exudes sincerity.

Based in London, DJ IC was naturally immersed in the grime, jungle and reggae scenes in his youth. Having studied music technology in 1999, he has retained a certain sonic sensibility and justifies his longevity in part by the in-depth approach he shows towards the genres and artists he comes into contact with and is inspired by. Active for more than 20 years, IC has travelled through London’s radio stations, crews and clubs, eventually landing on the Afro-house scene, of which he has become one of the main ambassadors in his country. In permanent contact with South Africa via his friend Jim Mastershine, IC learned the codes and translated them into his language, regularly collaborating with big names like Oscar P, Echo Deep or Idd Aziz, to land in the playlists of Shimza or Black Coffee. A true altruist when it comes to forming young talent, this godfather sets an example by playing and producing soulful and spiritual house music with an unstoppable beat. To share this passion, he now runs his own label Shades Of The Drum Recordings and hosts a show every Saturday on Drums Radio at midnight Big Ben time. For PAM, he delivers a set at the border between afro-house and afro-tech, presenting some of his productions, new collaborations and remixes (like his Karen Nyame KG’s “Taboo” version), alongside current classics of the genre.

Pan African Music · PAM Club : DJ IC


Vanco, Afro Warriors feat. Charlene Lai – Dancer
Thakzin – Magnificent Dance 
Afro Swanky – Factory Reset
DJ Merlon, Enoo Napa – Two Zulu Men 
Bun Xapa – Amsterdam 
Bun Xapa – Paris 
DJ IC & AfrozinGang – Humanity 
DJ IC – Impact 
DJ IC & CeeyChris – The Code 
Yanns & DJ IC – The Raver 
Karen NYAME KG – Taboo (DJ IC Afro Mix)
DJ IC & Jim Mastershine – We Are One 

More info on DJ IC here.