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PAM Club: Makossiri, the future of clubbing
Photo : Jeff Waweru

PAM Club: Makossiri, the future of clubbing

Passionate ambassador of noisy and experimental sounds, the Kenyan Makossiri offers us a dark and abrasive PAM Club that brilliantly reconciles industrial techno and East African rhythms, just like her productions.

At the beginning of 2021, we presented you Makossiri’s first audiovisual project, discovering on this occasion a surprising and promising artist. On the edge of hardcore music, the young Kenyan produces an experimental sound that she calls “Afro-future-tech”, bringing together the energies of punk, hard-techno and traditional African rhythms. She recently released Juicy Juicy, a disturbing and exciting debut EP, released, of course, by Hakuna Kulala. With the Ugandan MC Blaq Bandana and the Egyptian keyboardist Yunis by her side, she used metallic percussions, otherworldly voices and murderous basses on six tracks that suggested an alternative version of clubbing. While waiting for her next EP to be released on her label Ginene Records, Makossiri presents her new video herebelow, and takes us to the deepest part of the underground with a dense and chaotic set from which you won’t come out unscathed!

Pan African Music · PAM Club – Makossiri


Bonaventure – Supremacy
Makossiri – Danger
Duma – The echoes of the beyond
Ng‘at Maler ft MONRHEA – You are the creator
Menzi – Zulu Warrior
Chrisman, Lord Spikeheart feat. Wulffluw XCIV – Inje
Banished Remix feat. Desire Marea – Bury Me
She Spells Doom – Glance
Dj Polo feat. NKC – Yeyeyeye
Cheb Runner feat. Lazy Flow – The Ancient Ha
Quest?onmarq – Phoenix
Lua Preta – Quera Mais (Faizal Mostrixx Remix)
Goro feat. Moksha 13 – European Union
Moesha 13 – RedBull
Slikback – Karst
Yao Bobby & Simon Grab – Nyagblodi
Makossiri – Crisis
Makossiri – Moving On

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Makossiri – Danger
Photo : Sarah Engler