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PAM Club: Zazu, waking rave

This weekend, the unifying energy of Zazu will take over the DJ booth of the PAM Club, with a set that alternates between dancehall, baile funk and afro-club gems tinged with r&b. No room for boredom!

Though Zazu came up with traditional Malagasy music, r&b or K-Pop, it’s the world of free parties that put her on track to DJ and create music. It was in Brittany, on the Côtes d’Armor, that she discovered techno and hardcore parties which was a spark for the rest of her story. At first she was an event organizer, and then she started to work on the turntables to keep the public moving in the event that a DJ cancelled their performance. Getting her nickname from the Calao in The Lion King Zazu expresses her musical personality with gqom, the carioca funk or other club movements from Morocco and elsewhere. At the same time, the 23 year old DJ (and now producer) co-founded the Sudar collective with the Brazilian Maia Felipe aka Maïa, in order to facilitate a dialogue between the main actors of this essential scene, organizing events alongside the Couvre x Chefs or Love in the Endz collectives. It is between two residencies on StationStation and the South African, The Other Radio, that she shares her universe in a fire PAM Club!

“I enjoyed making the mix because it includes a few sounds that are little out there but that’s my universe. It starts with a dancehall vibe, we go quickly to the Reunion Island with some “gommance before the vogue vibe and the baile funk, then a very techno final. The final track is a wink to Mayotte!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Zazu

Tracklist :

Le Frit – Half Time
Deewunn ft Marcy Chin – Mek it bunx up
Wiley – Boasty
Dj Yoko – Megatron remix
Dj Sebb ft junior, PLL, black T – Roulman
Pedro Sampaio, Anitta, Nicky Jam, Dadju, MC Pedrinho – Dançarina (remix)
Dj Dasz – Pum Pum
Lekaiju, Aya Nakamura – Djadja edit
Young Luxemberg – Take That
Lyzza – Coytada (Pajuba remix)
Kamixlo – Lariat (Visionist remix)
Lazuli – Casse ton dos (King Doudou remix)
MC GW e MC Rafa – Então Agacha Relaxa
MC Meno Dani, DJ Jeeh e Dj Cyclone – Voltei Pra Cachorrada
Dj Miller – Poco Poco Agressivo (MC GW, MC Delux)
Florentino x MC Bin Laden x MC Buzz – Na Fuga
DJ Patrick Muniz, JC No Beat & MC Menor MT – Quem Não Bafora Não Transa (feat. Mc Sapinha & Mc Amandinha Zs) MC Teteu & Dj Serpinha – Black Lança (Catucando Gostosinho)
Axolotl do weird baile
Nick León – Xtasis (feat. Dj Babatr)
Ntbr – Epic Drum
Airod – Universe of 90 Techno Parties
Sébastien Forrester & 3phaz – steep
Maxwelltv – Dayira

Follow Zazu on Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud.