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BJF mixes baile funk and maloya on his single "Baloya"

The Parisian BJF announces the release of his second EP Uprooted, four tracks that promise to put everyone in agreement on the dancefloors of the world. PAM invites you to listen to a premiere of the first single “Baloya”.

BJF is the man behind the unstoppable “Tu Tu Tu”, which we previewed on PAM earlier this year, as part of the CxC vol.2 compilation. An active member of the collective, label and media Couvre x Chefs, BJF has become an essential craftsman of the global bass scene made in France, multiplying appearances on major labels such as XXIII or Egregore. The Parisian DJ and producer also likes to transform rap and pop classics into Afro-club bangers, like his edits of Rema, Jorja Smith, Skepta or more recently the hit “Fade Up” of Zeg P. It is in this 100% club dynamic that he exposed his influences behind the decks of the PAM Club, where we discovered his ability to surprise at every turn in a hybrid and percussive set, reflecting his productions.  

Uprooted is his second official EP which echoes this explosive musical personality. Here, this beat surgeon dismembers the best of grime, kuduro, dembow, baile funk and UK funky to gather the best of each genre on four new tracks, including “Baloya”, a tribute to maloya that he exposes below. No pity for the clubbers!

The track ‘Baloya’ is a very personal tribute to maloya, the traditional music of Reunion Island where my parents come from. But there is always this infusion of Brazilian funk samples that I can never resist, hence the title. The mixture is rather natural because there are many similarities between the Brazilian and Reunionese music created by the African slaves, in terms of dances, instruments, rhythmics… But if you think that it is neither maloya, nor Brazilian music, you are quite right. The synth melody and the 808 bass take us to another register! My goal is always to mix different styles that speak to me and come up with a collage.

Follow BJF on Instagram and the collective Couvre x Chefs here.

The EP will be available on November 18th, pre-order here.