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PAM Club: the syncopated mixtape of Malaise Vagal

Franco-Tunisian DJ and producer, Malaise Vagal injects the essence of her North African heritage into a bass music that’s both uncompromising and humorous, while affirming her support for Palestine.

Malaise Vagal draws its inspiration from the absurdity of everyday life to create tragi-comic electronic sounds. Inspired by both global bass and Arabic music, she echoes the human condition in a rave and ironic approach, and with a desire to “abolish borders”, as she explicitly underlines in her latest EP Thank God We Have Metavers. While keeping her music in tune with the times, she knows the recipe for not taking herself too seriously, with tracks like “RATP” and “Devise Nationale”, but also knows how to use the political power of music, as in this set, which calls for mobilization.

“The set begins by reaching beyond the borders of the African continent, with “Gaza Calling”, a track from Checkpoint 303, a militant musical project launched by Tunisian SC Mocha and Palestinian SC Yosh. The track samples the appeal of a citizen of Gaza to the United Nations, and is described by the collective as a call to the international community that only ends in the response of machines. What follows is an hour-long narrative built around productions by North African or European artists from the North African diasporas with wide-ranging musical influences, incorporating jungle, bass music, ambient or more traditional elements.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Malaise Vagal


Checkpoint 303 – Gaza Calling
Pekodjinn – Free Palestine
Arabetiko – Aman aman
Oum kalthoum – Mahbob (Van Goh remix)
Sabrina Bellaouel – WDNTBE
Zaatar – Leaving for the sky
Prophän – Al Wafat
Malaise Vagal – Abolir les frontières
BADER – Libya on speed
Hmenou – Howa
Abadir – The seven Building Interlude
Omar EK – Mawwal
Imed Alibi feat Khalil Epi – Analog Bedoui
El kontessa – Bingo
aaa3ع – X0x0harddabke
Cain و Muchi – Martyr
Malaise Vagal – unreleased
Malaise Vagal – El boulbouli
Azzouni feat Dakn – (YS) Riddim
Ammar 808 – Yarima (3phaz remix)

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