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PAM Club: the burning clouds of Daniel Haaksman

The day after the release of his fourth album, Berlin’s Daniel Haaksman sent us a personal PAM Club with a deliciously Latin flavour.

Legend has it that Daniel Haaksman is the man who brought baile funk to the ears of European audiences, through his compilation Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats, released in 2004. A year later, the globetrotter created MAN Recordings, a reference label that essentially bridges the gap between Rio de Janeiro and Berlin, through the prism of club music. This adept of musical exchanges across the globe has just released Sonido Lava, a fourth album inspired by the beauty of volcanoes, as fascinating as they are dangerous. In a positivo-dramatic atmosphere, Daniel Haaksman musically recounts the current crises and turbulence shaking the planet. The pioneer of tropical bass made in Europe tames dembow, salsa, bossa nova and a wide range of South American rhythms, even surrounding himself with Chilean, Spanish, Colombian and Brazilian musicians and vocalists. His electro-acoustic signature can be heard on PAM Club, a mix of his own productions, remixes, edits and personal favorites!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Daniel Haaksman


Daniel Haaksman feat. Malagüera – Danza Del Fuego
Dom Salvador + Abolição – Hei Você (Daniel Haaksman VIP)
Daniel Haaksman feat. Malagüera – Takekema
DJ Gregory – Tropical Soundclash (Daniel Haaksman Edit)
Fernando Falcão – Curimão (Daniel Haaksman Edit)
DJ N.K. – Amália Em Angola
Pedro – Cantiga Da Murtosa
Daniel Haaksman – Magma
Matias Aguayo – El Camarón (Loris Remix)
Bad Bunny – El Apagón (Hedo Edit)
Seven Beats – Mambo Playaaa
Novalima – La Danza (Timo Maas + Francesco Mami Test)
Negro Dinero – Siempre Estuve Allá
Daniel Haaksman – Supervivencia (Dub)
Daniel Haaksman – Bronces
Magin Diaz feat. Carlos Vives + Toto La Momposina – Rosa (DJ Smilez Edit)
ARN4L2 feat. Mauro Andrade – Andante

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