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PAM Club: Anïa, the silent music

This week, PAM welcomes Anïa for a set alternating between hypnotizing ambient and wild techno for a groove with multiple influences and references to the Amazigh musical heritage.

Moroccan and Amazigh artist, originally from the Souss region in the Middle Atlas, Anïa (“silent music” in Amazigh) discovered Djing in 2015 and was self-taught with the turntable emulator Traktor. Touching her first turntable in October 2018, Anïa quickly made a name for herself on the growing Moroccan scene. Bridging multiple styles, she mixes electro-robotic sounds, acid basslines, breaks and atmospheric melodies. Ranging from rock/metal to amazigh music, acid and post punk, she describes her musical universe as “a trip into space” composed of sonic emotions.

Now in a phase of composition to produce her own sound, Anïa has delved into her large musical collection to concoct a tailor-made selection. Starting with bewitching downtempo, she pays tribute to several great artists of Amazigh music such as the great voice of the late Mohamed Rouicha and his loutar playing, the Kabyle singer Majid Soula, or the group Amira Saqati who mixed raï, gnaoua and Berber music. Referring to a part of the Amazigh cultural heritage in techno, dance or ambient remixes, Anïa offers us a journey strewn with breakbeats, derboukas and gnaoua songs. From the Moroccan desert, through Algeria and even Egypt with Simon Philip Kamel, the Moroccan DJ takes us to a cosmic and hypnotic plane.

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Anïa


Islandman – Khepre
MAUGLI – Baksheesh
Mohamed Rouicha – Bismillah (Joystick Jay Edit)
Penny Penny – Ah Oh Ah (Cornellius Doctor & Tushen Raï Cosmic Dub Edit)
Ile Aiye – Cerca De Bakel (Balam Edit)
G.E.N.E. – Childrens Green (Tagliabue ‘Tribal Italia Rework)
Simone – Rekka (Cheb Runner Acid Remix)
Goblin – Safari (Zillas on Acid Edit)
Mohamed Rouicha – Kindir Ta Nesek (Mishell Edit)
Amira Saqati – Hel Aeynik (Aaaron Maple Edit)
Nepz – Gargn Ya
Sheik Ahmed (AlJafar) – Sons Of Abudhabi (RFX Dark Edit)
Mohamour – Jaia (Alexis le Tan Edit)
Mayko – Tarab (Johnny Rock “Short Trip” Edit)
Sanza – Sounouh (Lion’s Drums Edit)
Majid Soula – Netseweth Sifassan Nagh

Find more about Anïa here.