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DÉERR release politically‑charged video for "Punkal"

In the wake of an intense first concert at the Convent of Sant Agustí in Barcelona, the German-Senegalese duo DÉERR share three remixes of the flagship track “Punkal”. PAM invites you to watch the clip.

DÉERR is one of our standout electronic acts of last year. German producer AIIOM and Senegalese rapper Baba Sy teamed up on Punkal, a visceral album with a powerful message, inspired by the most intense African experimental music. While this first album ended its run in our 2022 selection, DÉERR continued to expand it by entrusting this raw material rich in textures to remixers like Debruit, Ibaaku, MANS O, or 17th Floor Productions. Today, it is the of eponymous track that’s getting remixed, accompanied by a hard and epileptic video. In Wolof, Baba Sy denounces the selfishness of the executive and governmental powers and calls for change in these corrupt leaders who divide the people. The video shows the daily lives of ordinary people trying to make a living, punctuated by images of soldiers fighting wars and personalities shamelessly amassing wealth.

Three remixes accompany the video. Recently signed to Nyege Nyege Tapes, Moroccan producer 3xOJ uses his historical and theoretical approach to music to give his own vision of contemporary club culture, like a post-apocalyptic version of kuduro. From Barcelona – the duo’s home base – Ian Vogel aka Insolvn Sea offers a more ethereal performance that alternates between bright melodies and complex drumming. As on the two previous EPs, AIIOM finishes with an alternative version inspired by Tanzanian singeli!

Punkal is available on Bandcamp. More info on the project here.