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Moussa Tchingou, sweet melodies of Agadez

The self-taught Nigerien artist Moussa Tchingou is back with Tamiditine, an opus of four majestic tracks, carried by the riffs of Tuareg guitars and tales with universal messages.

From .mp3 files shared on cellphones to his region’s traditional ceremonies, Moussa Tchingou’s music is organically spreading through the Sahara. Starting early on in his native city of Agadez, Niger, the instrumentalist built his first guitar using a water jug, sticks, and motorcycle ropes at the age of 12. By the age of 19, Tchingou had already released his first album and became a prolific recording artist. As time went on, he also grew to become a popular and acclaimed performer, notably on the highly-regarded stages of local weddings. Moussa Tchingou’s music is a subtle blend of Tuareg guitar melodies, the beat of powerful drums, and some foreign hints. Now, ten years after his first opus, his experiences, his craft, and his influences are culminating in his latest project, the 4-track surprise EP Tamiditine

As usual, Moussa Tchingou recorded at the heart of Agadez, home of prestigious and flourishing bands such as Mdou Moctar and Etran De l’Aïr, in Studio Lezy. Inspired by his own life experiences, the original songs of the Tamiditine EP are odes to love, friendships, union, and unity. Singing in the regional Tamasheq language, the artist is mastering flamboyant guitar notes, the high energy of the drums, and some clever robotic autotune for a fresh outcome. “Derhan” is dedicated to the Tuareg community, calling for a union and “Tchidit” is an outcry to politicians and government officials, pleading them to do honest work, in favor of the people. ‘Tarha’ pays a beautiful and dynamic homage to a loved one, to the rhythm of cymbals. The eponymous title is a beautiful adaptation of South Asian melodies. As Tchingou explains, it’s “a song for a friend. Composed to the melody from the Bollywood song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from the film Aashiqui 2, it tells my loved one that she can trust me.’’ With Tamiditine, Moussa Tchingou offers a short but majestuous trip through Agadez and all its beauty. 

Listen to Moussa Tchingou’s Tamiditine here