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PAM Club: La Santa, daughter of the Sun

Live from Madrid, La Santa presents her last compilation for Redolent Music Records in a tribal, luminous, afro-house PAM Club. 

Charismatic DJ and producer, La Santa gets her positive essence from her diverse influences and uses it to shine during her nightly sets under Ibiza, Bali, India, or North Africa’s moonlight. As a true classical, jazz, bossa nova, afro, and Latino music lover, this globetrotter recoups all her musical feelings and memories in melodic and groovy productions, working alongside big names in the industry. FKA Mash, Blueheits, or Sparrow & Barbossa all had the chance to get a taste of her musical cleverness, showcases here in a tribal, heavy afro-house mix infused with soul. She presents her latest compilation, made for Redolent Music, in collaboration with another Madrid native, DJ CHUS. More than a label, Redolent Music is also an independent boutique, a management agency, and an event production hub. All those aspects of La Santa reflect in this PAM Club mix!

« This is my Afro Tribal journey with some melodic notes for PAM Club, a journey including some tracks of my new compilation REDOLENT SCENTS (Blended by La Santa) where you can listen to my upcoming release « Parle Moi » along some new bombs ! Stay Tuned, the release day is March 10th ! Enjoy this mix recorded from my Madrid studio, much love ! »

Pan African Music · PAM Club : La Santa

Tracklist :

Scott Pullen – Lost Love (Radio Edit)
Shay dT – Hewani (Radio Edit)
Duty Sound – Voix du Sud
Anorre – Samaritan
Dum K – Kanjena feat. Nomvula (SA)
Yamil, G.Zamora – Cosa Buena (AMÑMÑ Remix)
Freespirit – Hola (Radio Edit)
Amine K – Time To be Free (Radio Edit)
Way of Thinking – Uraleh (Radio Edit)
La Santa feat. Coco – Parle Moi
DiMO (BG) – Warriors
Venthura, 2Nomads – Mateo 3-13 feat. Mercedes Vilora
Moshem – Forgive Me

Follow La Santa on Instagram and Soundcloud. The two volumes of the compilation Redolent Scents (blended by La Santa) will be available here et here on March, 10th.