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PAM Club: Afro‑Peruvian collage, episode 2, by Vudufa

The masked DJ and producer Vudufa takes over from Tribilin Sound to bring you the second episode of our series of Afro-Peruvian electronic mixes following the traditional Day of Creole Song.

In 1944, President Manuel Prado Ugarteche formalized the Day of the Creole Song by decree, under the influence of philanthropist and music lover Juan Manuel Carrera del Corral. Since then, every October 31, Peruvians pay tribute to Creole music and its heroes, celebrating in the streets and bars in parallel to Halloween, especially in Lima and Trujillo, on the coast. The Peruvian waltz, the marinera, the huayno, the tondero, the festejo and others are part of this musical genre; a mixture of rhythms inherited from the Spanish colonizers, the Peruvian natives and the enslaved Africans. Like his compatriots, Francisco de Los Heros is sensitive to this cultural heritage, and is part of this generation of musicians who transpose this “creolity” into electronic music. Already highlighted three times on PAM, Vudufa likes to explore Afro-Latin music by adding a twist to each new release, whether it’s the percussive dancefloor EP South American Loa, the cinematic ambient project AfroAmbience, or more recently Kuanda, in collaboration with Italian hang player Marco Selvaggio. Recently turned DJ, Vudufa celebrates this “Día de la Canción Criolla” in his own way by sharing with us a selection of his favorites in the field!

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Vudufa

Tracklist :

Zambo Cabero – Contigo Perú (Intro)
Conjunto Cumanana – La Reina del festejo
200DB – Zambo
Dj Shushupe – Fiebre Voodoo
Qoqeqa – Uva
Selvagia – Imanes
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Llae
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Decajón
Mikongo – Komo deke No (Un Remix)
Daniel Bazan Jr. feat. Nero Lvigi, Neiram, Deraj – Quema (The Remix)
Tribilin Sound – Alcatraz
Vudufa – Babikuame
Vudufa – Kizumba Estelar
Qechuaboi – Carajo Riddim
Mikongo – Caporal
Orieta Chrem feat. Naiara Eslava – Tigres
Tribilin Sound – Chinchivi
Vudufa – Sabor Bracatan
Pounda – Calma este dolor
Irving O.D y Luen Feat, Nero Lvigi – A que no me quema
Grupo Domino – Yen Ye Lé Atala

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