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PAM Club: Afro‑Peruvian collages by Tribilin Sound

The PAM Club is back with Tribilin Sound, ambassador of Afro-Peruvian electronic sounds. Sending us a thematic percussive mix from Lima, it’s a first in a series intended to highlight an aspect of bass music that has become as rich as it is unavoidable.

In the underground club scene, any self-respecting “tropical bass” artist must have some percussive bangers from Peru in their collection. In the shadow of the pioneers Dengue Dengue Dengue other equally talented and imaginative artists who mix the cumbia, the festejo, and the African rhythms proper to the heritage of Peru. This is the case of Tribilin Sound, DJ since 1998 who started to imagine his own mashups and fusions in 2006, seducing Chilean, Mexican and European labels with his atypical productions. Using the voices of Chabuca Granda or Nicomedes Santa Cruz, loops of Hector Lavoe or samples of famous bands from the 90s, Tribilin Sound gives a futuristic vision of the local folklore, both on niche compilations and at events like the Paris Fashion Week. He offers here to PAM a mystical mix which puts in scene major actors of the Afro-Peruvian sound that we already praised rightly at PAM, as Vudufa, QOQEQA, Parzubanil or Dengue Dengue Dengue.

“I’m happy to present this special DJ set, dedicated to all the people who love these great collages between Peruvian sounds, afro vibes and percussions of all kinds. Respect to all the DJs and producers around the world who make this movement possible. Keep it up!”

Pan African Music · PAM CLUB : Tribilin Sound


Dengue Dengue Dengue – Decajón (feat. Prisma & Martin Boder)
Vitu Valera & Mikongo – Mamakumba
Vudufa – Birindon
Africo Live & Jaguar Quimbaya – Cumaná (Instrumental)
Zufu – Solo
NOVALIMA- Herejia (LiloCox Remix Instrumental)
QOQEQA – Qoqeqa
Don Machete – El Alcatrap
Rolo Gallardo – Memoria
Tribilin Sound – El Carmen
Orieta Chrem – Fuego Violeta
Parzubanil – Bonanza
Chakruna – Cajón Rebelión
DASH slktr X El Catorce – Noisy (Tribilin Sound Remix)
Tribilin Sound – Negroide
Tribilin Sound – Un Hasta Luego

Follow Tribilin Sound on Instagram, Facebook and Bandcamp.