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PAM Club: the eventful odyssey of DÉERR

In the wake of the release of their first album, the German-Senegalese duo offers PAM a physical, sometimes brutal mix, reflecting their intense and politically engaged music.

We discovered this duo on the video of their first single “Senegal Bondeléne”, a sonic and visual favorite that we presented here a few weeks ago. In their first album Punkal, the Senegalese Baba Sy and the German producer AIIOM merge “contemporary sounds with the traditional and unusual structures that accompany the Tassu songs“, a Senegalese oral tradition close to rap. In an atypical music that is as textured as it is committed, the artists address the problems of street reality, without detour, questioning Senegalese youth about their own situation. DÉERR will be behind the decks of the PAM Club to present their album and take us to the limits of their influences for African underground music in the broadest sense.

“This is a special mix for PAM with alternative versions of DÉERR tracks mixed into a hectic and adventurous odyssey. The genres range from experimental and dubby soundscapes to intense and pulsating dancefloor sounds with convoluted beats.”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : DÉERR

Tracklist :
1. DÉERR – Leumbeul Town
2. Whipped cream – Hold Up
3. Osheyack, Nahash – Club Apathy
4. DÉERR – Punkal
5. Zuli – Keen Demag
6. Wulffluw Xciv – Kuama
7. Debmaster – 1av2
8. DÉERR – Adouna
9. Wulffluw Xciv – Durilla
10. Muqata’s – Faltakon
11. Slikback – Just I
12. Delay Grounds – Itch
13. DEERR – Senegal Bondelene (Video Edit)
14. A2A, aa, Air Max ´97 – Yike!
15. Loraine James – Simple Stuff

Follow DÉERR on Bandcamp, Instagram and Facebook.