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PAM Club: Chabela lets go!

The Ivorian Chabela shares her love for electro-traditional fusions in a set calibrated for the dancefloors of sunny festivals.

In Abidjan and across Africa, Isabelle aka Chabela is known for her role as director of Maquis Electroniq, the first electro festival created in the Ivorian capital in 2020. In parallel, she organizes and develops workshops and musical events in Mali, Chad or Burkina-Faso, imposing herself as a real locomotive of the development of African electronic music on the continent. This activist naturally close to the crew Blanc Manioc (with whom she recently released the track “N’djamena Love” with Pulo NDJ) has made her mark as a DJ on the stages of Africa from East to West, from the Nyege Nyege Festival to Africa Bass Culture, with a few European stops. As much attached to the traditional African repertoire as to the modern polyrhythms of Afro-house, the Abidjan party thrower delivers here a progressive set that goes straight to the point, titillating both the legs and the emotions!

“I recorded my mix as if I were in a DJ set, with a dancefloor in front of me… In terms of sounds, it’s a return to my early style, a hard sound, but above all an outlet that lets you let go!”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Chabela

Tracklist :

1. Caiiro – Spirits (Original Mix)
2. DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa – Nyakua feat. Idd Aziz (Original Mix)
3. Hyenah Feat. DJ Tira & Luke – Ezizweni
4. Mr Raoul K & Manoo – Bara feat. Ahmed Sosso (M&R Action Mix)
5. MARLON D – Kiwi (AfroPunk Mix)
6. NonCitiziens – Lost Trumpet in Space
7. Sabir – Luis Radio Pietro Nicosia (Original Mix)
8. Ronny Santana – Butter (Original Mix)
9. Son Palenque – Akalaka (Village Cuts Remix)
10. Gafacci – KICKY feat Chefbanku
11. Captain Planet, Kongo Elektro & Thornato – Body Yako
12. Da Lata feat. Diabel Cissokho – This Is Not Your Job (Da Lata House Mix)
13. The Mabon Dawud Republic feat. Dele Sosimi – Na Lie (M. Caporale Remix)
14. Alpha Blondy – Brigadier Sabari

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