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PAM Club: Kyf!’s inner journey
Photo ©Scène Aux Champs

PAM Club: Kyf!'s inner journey

The Kyf! project is an augmented show that explores the African continent and its instruments. It’s three actors invite us to listen to their PAM Club, a reflection on their memories and influences.

The Kyf! project is an interactive audiovisual show led by a trio of artists who experiment with video and lights, with African musicians at the center, playing their traditional instruments. A few weeks ago PAM invited you to discover its launch with Penpensiwa by Ghanaian KyeKyeKu, the first video of a series of 8 collaborations around the cultures of the continent.

In the center, we find the visual artist and video maker Youri Fernandez. The multidisciplinary artist puts his imagination to work for the two founding musicians of the project, provoking collisions between different fields of expression. Composer and producer, Kevin Bucquet is also the bassist of the group Ah! Kwantou, led by KyeKyeKu, representative of the modern highlife scene mentioned above. His various travels and his years spent in Berlin have fleshed out the sensibility of this Conservatory student, who then opened up to hip-hop and neo-soul. Finally, Fred Faure is a composer, producer, drummer and percussionist who has studied traditional African music since he was 12 years old with musicians and dancers from prestigious national ballets (Congo, Benin, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal). He is also close to many African formations, and his playing is inspired by the different rhythms and music heard on the road. He tells us a few words about this three-headed set, born from their hybrid thoughts that connect the repetitive character of African rhythms and the sound of Berlin clubs.

I chose songs and artists that evoke a good memories for me, with whom I have a history. My darling, who is Ivorian, helped me discover Bebi Philip in Abidjan; when we came back from rehearsal with Ah! Kwantou, we discovered Made Kuti on France Inter and his modern and very open afrobeat. Ambolley, one of the Highlife’s “tontons” is one of the fruits of our meetings with Kevin, like an old father we would have liked to have in common… Ah! Kwantou was born from this meeting and from the one with Kyekyeku.

Pan African Music · PAM Club : KYF !

Tracklist :
1. Tshegue – Muanapoto
2. Made Kuti – Free Your Mind
3. Onipa – Hey No I Say
4. Bebi Philip – Mamalôkô
5. Guedra Guedra – 40 Feet
6. Madlib – Kanika
7. Ah! Kwantou – Dance To Save Your Soul
8. Blay Ambolley – Simi Rapp
9. KOKOKO! – L.O.V.E.
10. Ibaaku – Djula Dance
11. Dorian Concept – E13
12. KYF! – Mandala (Live)

Find more info about Kyf! here.