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PAM Club: Cortega pays tribute to Sam Mangwana

This week’s special edition features one of the giants of rumba, Sam Mangwana. DJ Cortega has long been a fan and jumped at the chance to make a mix dedicated to one of his idols. Turn it up to 11.

Ah, the voice of the great Sam…it’s just so smooth. For me, it brings to mind the golden age of Congolese rumba, though it’s tinged with nostalgia. In fact, it’s an age that is not completely over, with legends such as the international Mr Mangwana continuing to enchant us with new works. Such a rich career spanning six decades just can’t be summed up in a 90-minute mix. I have therefore simply tried to give an account of his prestigious oeuvre by highlighting the best bits. We begin at the end of the 60s with the Orchestre Festival des Maquisards, moving to his collaborations with two of the fathers of rumba – Tabu Ley Rochereau and Franco Luambo. Towards the end we come to his prolific ‘solo’ career as leader of various groups such as the African All Stars, which includes his Ivorian period and a return to his roots in Angola some twenty years ago, finally concluding with a magnificent collaboration with the late Manu Dibango, from his latest album.

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Cortega’s tribute to Sam Mangwana


  • Bilinga Linga – Sam Mangwana et l’Orchestre Festival des Maquisards
  • Likambo ya Mokanda – Tabu Ley Rochereau et l’Orchestre Afrisa
  • Connaissance Koyebana – Tabu Ley Rochereau et l’African Fiesta
  • Matata Ya Muasi Na Mobali Ekoki Kosila Te – Franco et l’Orchestre Tout Puissant OK Jazz
  • Loboko Na Litama – Franco et l’Orchestre Tout Puissant OK Jazz
  • Eyebana – Sam Mangwana et l’African All Stars
  • Yenga Yenga – Sam Mangwana et l’African All Stars
  • Cooperation – Franco et Sam Mangwana avec le T.P. OK Jazz
  • Affaire Disco – Sam Mangwana
  • Georgette Eckins – Sam Mangwana
  • Maria Tebbo – Sam Mangwana
  • Souzana Koulibali – Sam Mangwana
  • Waka Waka – Sam Mangwana
  • Toujours OK – Sam Mangwana et Franco avec le T.P. OK Jazz
  • Bana Ba Cameroun – Sam Mangwana
  • Los Amigos – Sam Mangwana
  • Papa Bonbon – Sam Mangwana
  • Aladji – Sam Mangwana
  • Droit d’Aimer – Papy Ipepy avec Sam Mangwana et Kourou Yaka
  • Balobi – Sam Mangwana
  • Galo Negro – Sam Mangwana
  • Juventud Actual – Sam Mangwana et Manu Dibango
Loic Hoquet