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A$CII DAGGER, Cape Town rap goes South of Hell

A$CII DAGGER, the new horrorcore project to shake up Cape Town releases South of Hell: a white hot EP, and a new video for the single “Ghost” shot in an abandoned Ritz.

A$CII DAGGER was born from the ashes of DOOKOOM, an incendiary electro-hip-hop group that, between aggressive beats, distorted synths and uncompromising lyrics signed by Isaac Mutant, largely downgraded the subversive attempts of Die Antwoord. With the departure of their singer and lyricist, the group dispersed, before reassembling around two of its original members: visual artist SPO0KY and Human Wa$te, alias Dplanet, South African equivalent of El-P, who has signed instrumentals for national legends such as Pro Kid (RIP), the immense Ben Sharpa (RIP), but also Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and David Banner, a high-profile figure of Atlanta trap music. The duo then picked up percussionist POTT$ and lyrical savant, Dada Shiva. “Dookoom is dead, Dookoom is no more, that’s for sure. But the rest of us always wanted to continue the adventure,” Human Wa$te said of the new formation. 

Emerging in 2020 around this new line-up, the neo-gang drill has turned up the heat in the shadow of confinement with a selection of new tracks. “Rising”, “Voodoo Time” as well as the four tracks of South of Hell, their first and highly anticipated EP, which Dada Shiva says is a “reference to a human experience, a spiritual journey, the quest of an individual, how hell is not as deep as it can get…” 

Between southern trap, English Drill or massive Noise guitars, the South African combo drinks from the most sticky sources of Bass Music. Their unstoppable single “Ghost”, whose clip has just been posted online, proves, in sound and image, the pyromaniac character of Human Wa$te, Dada Shiva, SPO0KY and POTT$. “All sound we produced and recorded before allowed us to establish the basis of a common musical language, an interpretation, a common vision of the sound of A$CII DAGGER” Dada Shiva said of “Ghost”. SPO0KY adding,  “visually, we wanted to push the envelope”.

Listen to “Ghost” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.