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Ibeyi embrace their twinhood on “Sisters II Sisters”

The Franco-Cuban duo, and twin sisters, announce their comeback with a second single and an album release date.

Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz of the duo Ibeyi (“twins” in Yoruba) announce a new album to be released on May 6: Spell 31. After the bewitching “Made of Gold”, featuring Pa Salieu, the Franco-Cuban sisters release a second single from the project: “Sisters II Sisters”.

With this new track built from a Yoruba rhythm and bass, they begin an ode to their relationship as twin sisters. Their captivating voices are joined by piano notes and brassy layers that emerge throughout the track. Fused and complementary like yin and yang, they move their bodies, clash and embrace in a video that captures the purity of the track.

In one EP (Oya in 2014) and two albums (Ibeyi in 2015 and Ash in 2017), the twins have become key figures in music while promoting the Yoruba language and culture (People of African origin massively deported to South America and the Caribbean during slavery). At the borders of folk, R’n’B, electro, soul or jazz, the duo continues to explore this ancestral culture and illustrate its rich heritage in music.

Daughters of Cuban percussionist Anga Diaz (member of Buena Vista Social Club), Ibeyi is rooted in tradition, while offering music with a pop accent. Deeply feminist, they engage against racism and other contemporary issues in English, Spanish, Yoruba and sometimes in French. It’s hard to be more universal while proposing daring music. Spell 31 will be available on May 6th.

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