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Ibeyi and Pa Salieu are “Made of Gold”

Ibeyi members Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz team up with Coventry rapper Pa Salieu for a new single and music video as well as a 2022 album announcement.

Ibeyi (“twins” in Yoruba) is a latin soul duo made up of the daughters of Cuban percussionist Miguel “Angá” Díaz. The two have been turning heads since the release of their debut single “River” in 2014 and have continued to make a mark with their own form of neo-soul sung in Yoruba, English, Spanish and French. 

Now the two have teamed up with Gambian-English rapper Pa Salieu for a haunting slow-burn that feels like reggae-dub meets neo-soul making a fresh alt-pop cut. The visuals are menacing, cutting between interpretive dance of the sister-duo in a deep red forest, and shots of King Pa reigning heavy on a staircase to heaven. Both Ibeyi and Pa Salieu are known for their pregnant lyrics and neo-humanist approach. 

Ibeyi had this to say about the collaboration: “The first song we produced in the studio was “Made of Gold.” Whilst we were creating the layers of the backing vocals, we could feel that we were making contact with our ancestors; that what we were recording was calling on the brujas and our ancestors for their ancient knowledge. “Made of Gold” is about connecting to our ancestors’ knowledge, to the truths of the past and the power of the ancient. The line is not broken, nor is it lost. Protected by these spells, our third album will see us conveying our reconnection to that power and channeling that magic into our new music.

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