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Ghanaian‑Dutch artist Kay Slice fuses rap and afrobeats on “Slice M Go”

The rapper delivers quickfire rap flow and piercing lyrics over live instrumental soundscapes and energetic visuals shot in Accra.

Emerging as a fast-rising new artist in the Netherlands, Kay Slice is on a mission to spread his blend of hip-hop, soul, Ghanaian groove, afrobeats and highlife across the rest of the world. With a few singles to his credit, his music speaks to self-love, identity and connecting deeply with one’s roots. The rapper, singer and producer is now back with a brand new rap-afrobeats fusion track titled “Slice M Go”, as he gears up to unveil his solo debut album, due for release in January 2022.

Produced by the Rotterdam native himself, along with his three-piece live band, “Slice M Go” is an infectious fusion track driven by Kay Slice’s sharp delivery. Thematically, the song is about taking the negativity that is thrown at us, and transforming it into positivity. As Kay Slice explains, “This song is dear to me as it is my soundtrack to boldness. Being bold enough to believe in myself despite the disbelief and prejudice based on my appearance. Bold enough to quit my job to fully pursue music.”

The accompanying video sees Kay Slice collaborating with Ghanaian cinematographer Edward Pappoe for an energetic visual that was shot across three different landmarks in Ghana – Jamestown, Makola Market and Legon Botanical Garden. Staying true to the song’s theme, it uses the snapshot of Accra’s busy go-getting people as a microcosm of that spirit.

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