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Sierra Leonean native Juliankxx releases soundtrack to In Praise of Still Boys on vinyl

Poet, musician and film director Juliankxx returns to his childhood home for a blue tinted exploration of Freetown.

In Praise of Still Boys the film, released in February 2021, is a re-examination of Juliankxx’s childhood, growing up on the Atlantic Coast of Sierra Leone before leaving the country at 9 years old during the country’s civil war. 

The images are contemplative and stark, capturing the vitality and rhythm of the young boy’s life along the water. Juliankxx describes it “as sort of self-reflection, within this sort of landscape of ‘blue’ within the landscape of the Atlantic Ocean that connects Sierra Leone to England and America – like we all share the same Atlantic Ocean – it just made sense

The soundtrack, now available on vinyl, includes original compositions as well as collaborations from artists Melo-Zed, Aron Kyne, Thabo and anaiis. The limited press of 500 records are printed in a deep blue that reflects the hue of the oceanic film.

Order a limited edition vinyl.