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Alice Coltrane’s Africa: Live At The Carnegie Hall 1971 reissued

Alice Coltrane’s interpretation of her late husband’s “Africa” with Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shapp, and Cecil McBee is to be reissued on vinyl this November. 

The 28 minute live performance is largely improvised, starting off with Clifford Jarvis and Ed Blackwell on drums, and bleeding into the heavy deeper notes of Alice Coltrane’s piano, and the iconic buzz of Pharoah Sanders’ saxophone. The rendition also includes Archie Shepp on sax and Cecil McBee and Jimmy Garrison on bass. 

The song comes from John Coltrane’s 1961 LP Africa/Brass which opens with the 16 minute “Africa” featuring jazz multi-instrumentalist John Dolphy. 

Out November 19th, the reissue is a splendid and ecstatic momento of spiritual jazz with some of its greatest masters. The splitting horns, wild drums, and clamouring piano are a vivid display of virtuosity in motion. 

Pre-order Africa Live At The Carnegie Hall 1971.

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