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Gambian kora player Jally Kebba Susso gets remixed

The griot enlists three producers for a new four-piece EP of remixes of his single “Zara” on Mawimbi. Discover Reunion island’s M.Baba’s version exclusively on PAM.

« Zara » is the latest single from London’s favourite griot Jally Kebba Susso. It marks his comeback as a solo artist, after a three-year hiatus which has seen him take the stage of many festivals alongside his band Afriquoi – whose latest EP Time is A Gift Which We Share All The Time was also released by Mawimbi in 2020.

Produced in collaboration with Afriquoi bandmate Nico Bentley, « Zara » is a fierce, uptempo track, nodding to UK bass music, Chicagoan footwork and West African afropop. Named after Jally’s stepdaughter, the song is an ode to the feeling of togetherness the Gambian artist experiences when traveling back to his native Mandinka land. 

The rest of the EP will contain three thoughtful reworks by artists taken from the label Mawimbi’s extended roster: French producer Pouvoir Magique, Latin-electro artist Ozferti, and Réunion-based M.Baba.

Zara (inc. Remixes) by Jally Kebba Susso, out on November 5 via Mawimbi Records.

Jally Kebba Susso – Zara (M.Baba Remix)