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Lex Amor drops hypnotic visuals for “Rocks”

Following her acclaimed album Government Tropicana, North London rapper Lex Amor shines her poetic lens onto today’s norms, dreams, and structures. 

With her unique half-sung, half-rapped delivery, Lex Amor is steadily building a reputation as one of the most exciting artists in the UK scene. In her new song “Rocks”, the North-London rapper examines how our collective freedoms have evolved over the past two tumultuous years. The track sees Lex wield her poetic pen and dynamic flow over a stirring and melodic beat. Shot in Lex’s trademark black & white, the Tyrus-directed video uses metaphors of religion and water to represent the chains of everyday societal pressures.

Speaking on the visual, Lex says: “With ‘Rocks’ we were essentially trying to illustrate the constant juxtaposition of our everyday. The reality of authority, dogma, societal pressure and our sometimes subconscious adherence to those norms; as well as our ability as humans and guardians of the earth to break out into our own dreams and freedoms. We are all living, breathing testaments of individual choice and freedom, there is a constant need – possibly now more than ever – to commit to our own personal freedoms and break out of structures that were not created for our souls to flourish. That’s why in the video there are moments of of almost demented adherence, and then breakouts – into hope, dreams and liberty.”

Listen to “Rocks” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.