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Deejay Veiga, the new hope of Lisbon batida

Portuguese rookie Deejay Veiga releases Evolution pt.2, eight batida tracks that would hold their own against the masters of the genre. Listen to “Tudo é no Gueto” on PAM.

Deejay Veiga was a true Soundcloud discovery, making a name for himself on the preferred platform for batida producers who set international dancefloors alight in both Lisbon and their different places of exile. With bangers like “Traz a Vodka” and “Clone 2,” the precocious producer has the pedal to the metal when it comes to handling micro-grooves, tribal percussion and incisive vocals, influenced by his favorite styles, like kizomba and tarraxo. While he doesn’t yet belong to any particular crew, Carlos Veiga is inspired by the geniuses of the genre, such as Vanyfox and Danifox. As its name indicates, Evolutions pt.2 is a key step in the career of an artist who only needs a spark to ignite. Read the interview below.

What is your musical background and how did you arrive on the batida scene?

I’ve been a DJ for three years and a producer for a year and a half and I’ve always been a fan and connected to people who work with music. Me alongside a partner and a great friend Dj Nunocoox started to play as a duo and we always went to mix batida. This genre is something I’ve started to enjoy over time because I’ve always been more of a kizomba guy. I started listening to several other producers such as Integrantes Da TMP, A CDM, among others, and my taste for the batida has been growing until today.

Deejay Veiga – Tudo é no Gueto

Who are your mentors, your main inspirations, and why?

At the beginning when I started playing I received great support from a lot of people. But the artists I can really call mentors are the Rs Prod who were the ones who put me in the world of music, especially DJ GameOver who, until this day, never let me go and always supported me. My biggest inspirations are DJ Lycox, Vanyfox and Rs Prod because they are people that I see with an incredible ability to give a name to the “ghetto” style and I would like to contribute as much as they do.

What is your composition process?

I use FL Studio to create my tracks. Having ideas to produce or not having them is indifferent because I’m always there to explore to be able to discover the most of the software, to help me more with my productions.

What kind of feelings did you want to express with this EP? What do these tunes represent to you?

All of my tracks represent a little bit of me, or either I do, or I try to do, what I would like to hear and spread to the people. I’m a person of various tastes, so I always release something different whether it’s afro ghetto, tarraxo, kizomba etc… It’s a good way to catch a bigger audience because if a person doesn’t like a certain style, he can try another track, and he will hear something different. This is my thought and I would like to convey it to my listeners

What can we expect from DJ Veiga in the near future?

A lot of work, effort, and dedication on my part to be able to bring better tracks to my listeners.

Deejay Veiga was a guest on episode 28 of PAM Sound System, listen below!

Pan African Music · PAM Sound System @RCV99fm – Episode #28 – Special Guest : DEEJAY VEIGA

Evolutions pt.2 will be available on October 25 via the artist’s Soundcloud page.