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El Palmas and El Drágon Criollo explore Venezuelan surf music on new compilation
Los Dangers

El Palmas and El Drágon Criollo explore Venezuelan surf music on new compilation

The Spanish label and the Colombian producer dive into this rich moment of musical history from the 1960s.

“Surf” is a rhythm based on the movements of a surfer on a surfboard, popularized by The Beach Boys. It’s contagion spread worldwide and even Venezuela could not evade its influence. The few programs on the radio dedicated to youth music gave it plenty of coverage, as did TV programs Ritmo y Juventud and El Club Musical. This last program, originally designed to showcase Renato Salani’s group, had the idea of inviting Los Supersónicos to the show one day. The group was a hit, and from that day on they took over the stage, occasionally inviting other groups from Caracas and elsewhere in the country to join them. Colombian producer, musician and singer El Drágon Criollo and Barcelona-based label El Palmas explore this past Venezuelan trend through a compilation of 11 surf hits: Sabor Surf Compiled by El Palmas & El Drágon Criollo

Included in the artist lineup of the compilation are Los Impala, who came from Maracaibo. The Trashmen are also present, appearing in 1964 at the height of “Surfin’ Bird”, cementing the love for surf in Venezuela. Los Dangers and Los Blonder were also part of this thrilling moment. Los Dangers known for leading a youth party scene. Highlighting the great influence of the British group The Shadows, an ever-present in all the Venezuelan youth bands of the time, here they shine with their recreation of the song “Gonzales” (retitled as “González”). Los Blonder, on the other hand, were by far the possessors of the purest and most crystalline sound among the surf groups in Venezuela.

Sabor Surf Compiled by El Palmas & El Drágon Criollo, out on November 5 via El Palmas Music.