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Dino d’Santiago and Branko meet up again on the anthem "Lokura"

After several fruitful collaborations, the Luso-Cape Verdean star and the Lisbon-based producer are back together on “Lokura,” an optimistic club single where their chemistry remains intact.

When Dino d’Santiago and Branko join forces in the studio, the result is always up to the occasion. From their first collaborations, the two artists have developed a unique recipe, between club sensitivity and Creole musical affinity, which has always resulted in great, unifying pieces such as “Nova Lisboa,” “Kriolu” or “Tudo Certo.” These instant classics have become flagships of Portuguese popular music abroad in recent years.

Only a few days after the reopening of the Portuguese clubs, the duo reunites for a pure hymn for the party and the celebration of life. “Even though the world is ending today / I’m going to live in the moment without thinking about the future / As if there’s no one else in the crowd but the two of us,” Dino intones cheerfully. On November 5th, the two headliners of the Nova Lisboa scene will perform on the Earth Hall stage in London for a show that already promises to be unforgettable.

Listen to “Lokura” in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

Dino d’Santiago – Lokura feat. Branko (Official Visualizer)