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DJ Abbas and Machance’s kwaito reissued by Promesses and PSSNGR

The labels have teamed up on this new vibrant release, dubbed Drums of Pitori. Experience the track “He Kheya Ndon,” exclusively on PAM. 

Drums of Pitori is a compilation of seven kwaito bombs from South African producers Machance and DJ Abbas (who passed away in 2008). Machance performs the majority of the vocals in sePitori, Pretoria’s street slang, while DJ Abbas adds a percussive touch to the production. The tracks were originally quietly released on CD format in Pitori, a name referring to Pretoria, between 2005 and 2006. While today Focalistic is the amapiano ambassador in the administrative capital, at the time kwaito was just beginning to merge with the new South African house, resulting in Machance and Abbas’ hybrid genre.

This project was the first official release from Machance and Abbas, and is now the first compilation released on PSSNGR, who teamed up with the Parisian label, Promesses, for the occasion. PAM has the exclusive in unveiling “He Kheya Ndon,” which perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the project. The record also highlights the frequently overlooked role that Pretoria has played in South Africa’s vibrant electronic scenes, which are too often polarised between Johannesburg and Durban. 

The compilation Drums of Pitori will be available on Friday, October 15, both in digital format and via  the release of 150 limited edition cassettes (which include a hidden bonus track). 

Machance & DJ Abbas – He Kheya Ndon