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KOKOKO! unveils new explosive track "Donne Moi"

The Kinshasa collective release new music for the first time since their debut album, Fongola

KOKOKO! is known for pioneering a genre called “tekno kintueni” or “zagué,” in Lingala, music they say is inspired by the everyday sounds in Kinshasa and the surrounding communes. Today, the DIY collective has released a brand new single on Transgressive Records, “Donne moi.”  Featured as part of the new FIFA 22 game, “Donne Moi” is an expansion of their unique style, built from a combination of handmade instruments from Kinshasa and electronic production, all serving an exhilarating result, classified somewhere between polyrhythmic techno and Afro-punk. 

The group made the following statement while discussing the single: “We recorded ‘Donne Moi’ in Brussels just before the pandemic hit, and we are happy it’s finally seeing a release. The song is about giving back. Giving, as well as receiving, shouldn’t always be one way.” Following a considerable world tour, the band is currently working on new material, which will surface in 2022.

Listen to “Donne moi” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

KOKOKO! – Donne Moi