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Duppy Gun announces new project from RDL Shellah and SKRS

The dancehall label brings the Jamaican vocalist and the Canadian collective together on the Showcase EP. Experience the first single, “TurnMiOn,” with PAM. 

Part of I Jahbar’s Roolingz Musik collective, RDL Shellah recorded under the name Providence before joining Duppy Gun operations. The Showcase EP marks his first big artistic endeavor as a solo vocalist. There’s a lovers-style sweetness to RDL’s ragga-infused flow, while SKRS’ (Seekersinternational) totally unique riddims take straight-up pop, boom-bap, jungle breaks and UK bass into the whole history of dancehall. The Canadian collective has come full circle from their “sampledelic” beginnings as the very first artist released on Bokeh Versions. Forever deconstructing and bending expectations, from their LoversDedicationStation LP to the critically acclaimed jungle masterpiece RaggaPreservationSociety, they are now considered a producer-for-hire in contemporary dancehall.

The first single of the project, “TurnMiOn,” perfectly exemplifies the tone of the record, expertly ebbing and flowing between explosive flows and pop highlands. RDL’s heady chorus brings us into a dancehall party while SKRS’ airy production adds a fresh and percussive feel to the song. 

In addition to disrupting the standards of dancehall and electronic music, the record also represents a new beginning: it’s the first music released by the new Duppy Gun / Bokeh Versions / Roolings Muzik studio in Dam Head (near Spanish Town, Jamaica). This accomplishment shows the scale of this underground dancehall phenomenon. 

Showcase EP, out on November 27 via Duppy Gun