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Sandra Nkaké, Jî Drû and Marion Rampal announce Tribe From the Ashes

Accompanied by a select group of musicians, the three artists form a jazz ensemble to unveil their first album, slated for October 8. 

Conceived during the first confinement by Sandra Nkaké, Jî Drû and Marion Rampal, Tribe From the Ashes is a collective of 16 musicians born in response to the urgency of the situation. For an antidote to troubled times, the group mixes jazz, spiritual music and soul music. This is a soundscape that captures the energy of the group’s 16 members and honors all forms of Great Black Music, from groove to gospel, from Coltrane-like walls of notes to Sun Ra-like melodies, from fusion swerves to powerful folk-tinged ballads. The album, which was performed live in different forms and with guests, is not only a hymn to freedom, union and joint creation, but also a musical proposition never before heard in France. The first single from the project, “Nineteen,” is available now. 

At the helm the enthusiastic Sandra Nkaké and Jî Drû summon the current generation of jazz musicians: Thomas de Pourquery, Anne Paceo, Marion Rampal, Antoine Berjeaut, Sophie Bernado and pillars of French Jazz Groove such as Jean-Phi Dary, Disco Minck and Jérôme Perez. Alongside them, young emerging talents such as Mathilda Haynes, Paul Colomb and Mathieu Penot feature, ensuring a multi-generational lineup. In concert, the collective takes on its full dimension and features prestigious guests such as Lionel Belmondo. 

Tribe From The Ashes, out on October 8 via Label Bleu. 

Listen to “Nineteen” in our Songs of the Week playlist Spotify on Deezer.