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Muzi features Kaytranada on new track "I Know It"

The Canadian artist is credited on the production of the fourth single from Interblaktic, the upcoming album by this singular South African artist. 

In “I Know It,” Muzi depicts society’s codependence on social media and phones. The video features a cleverly-constructed camera shot that sees the artist in dialogue with his phone wearing a zebra leather jacket (his Zulu Skywalker costume). While Muzi sings about the dark virtues of the Internet, Kaytranada’s drum beats can be heard in the summery instrumental. The two artists collaborated remotely for a long time to produce the track, which follows “Interblaktic,” “Need Dat,” “Fool’s Love” and “Come Duze.” 

Interblaktic is a continuation of Muzi’s exploration of African space, a theme already touched upon in his 2018 album, Afrovision, released under the artist’s alter ego, the “Zulu Skywalker.” Although there are similarities with the Afro-futurist movement, the album is firmly rooted in the present and in the philosophy of Afronowism, which emphasizes the fact that African artists are great now, not just in the future! Optimistic, uplifting and otherworldly, the project is already available for pre-order and chronicles a journey to Mars, a return home and a realisation of the importance of love.

Interblaktic, out on October 1st via WE.THE.BUNDU. 

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