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Kasai Allstars shares new video from the street of Kinshasa

The Congolese band adds vibrant choreography to “Musungu Elongo” straight from the capital of the DRC.

The DRC Congo collective recently dropped its fourth album, Black ants always fly together, one bangle makes no sound, which demonstrates its own approach to electronic music. “Musungu Elongo Paints His Face White to Scare Small Children” is the 2nd video off the album, shot in Kinshasa and directed by Kasai Allstars guitarist Mopero Mupemba.

The story behind the lyrics reflects the traditional character Musungu Elongo, embodied theatrically by the Basongye people in certain villages. He covers his face with white clay to scare naughty children, running after them and threatening to devour them if they don’t behave (and if they don’t give him candy and nuts).

The release of this video will be followed by Black Ants Remixes, a digital EP, featuring 6 remixes of songs from the album (made by Deerhoof, Khalab, Martin Meissonnier, Ekiti Sound, and two members of Nihiloxica, Spooky-J and pq), in addition to an exclusive track from Kasai Allstars. The project will once again be released on Crammed Discs.

Black ants always fly together, one bangle makes no sound by Kasai Allstars, out on Crammed Discs.

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