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Analog Africa teases historic Cameroon Garage Funk compilation
Messi Martin, 1970s

Analog Africa teases historic Cameroon Garage Funk compilation

The legendary label pays tribute to Cameroonian tracks from the 1970s with this new project, recalling a time that was both highly creative and very difficult for artists. 

In the buzzing Yaoundé of the 1970s (capital of Cameroon), a certain church sound engineer Mr. Awono decided to have musicians record clandestine sets on his premises. It was a risky venture for everyone involved, none of whom yet realized the fabulous musical legacy they were creating. Half a century later, following a few trips to the land of Makossa and many hours of interviews,  Analog Africa has decided to tell this amazing story via a new compilation: Cameroon Garage Funk, scheduled for release on September 3rd, 2021. The project’s 16 tracks, all composed by famous and unknown veterans of the Cameroonian scene, reflect the buzzing atmosphere of a city and a time when, despite countless difficulties, the music was in full swing. 

Three tracks from the project are already available, all of which represent very different musical moments in history. “Africa Iyo,” a searing Afrobeat track, was composed by the obscure Jean-Pierre Djeukam, while Tsanga Dieudonné’s “Les Souffrances” was an instant hit upon its release. Last up is “Song Of Love,” by Louis Wasson and his Orchestra Kadmem Irenée, which features the backing band that supported an entire generation of musicians in the 60s and 70s. The rest of the story can be heard on September 3rd!

Cameroon Garage Funk by Analog Africa, available on September 3rd, 2021.